Which Gaming Trends Are on the Rise?

Jul 10, 2024

The gaming world is constantly evolving. Most changes are the result of creative new projects, advances in gaming technology, and exciting new concepts from indie developers. Together, these three factors are constantly pushing the boundaries of what makes a popular game.

In 2022 and 2023, some of the biggest trends were related to mobile gaming, immersive technology, and the widespread introduction of AI in game development. Mobile gaming continued to expand its reach last year, in part thanks to the rise in 5G technology.

Immersive technology, on the other hand, saw added interest from gamers. In the past, most players stuck to their tried-and-true hardware—but more and more gamers are venturing out of their comfort zone to try out VR. AI, by contrast, is a growing factor for developers working behind the scenes.

But what’s taking off in the gaming world this year? Let’s take a look at the biggest gaming trends from 2024.

Casino Gaming: Slots-style Hits

In the realm of casino games, players are on the hunt for imaginative new titles in 2024. For the last few years, live casino games have infused the industry with exciting new opportunities for players. Now, however, there’s been new interest in game show-style games.

This includes the immediate interactions of live dealer games—but they come in brand-new formats and setups. They include the immediacy of slot games but usually include more ways to win via bonus rounds and prizes. Wheel of Fortune, for example, includes a massive wheel that real-life dealers spin, unlocking exciting new options for players.

AR & VR: Advances to Hardware

VR projects are finally taking off thanks to more functional and lightweight headsets. Gamers who were underwhelmed or suspicious of VR gaming are now seeing better reviews from players and publications—it’s gone a long way in boosting headset and VR game sales.

However, it’s believed that major VR players like Meta will soon pivot to expand their AR options. Thanks to the success of Apple Vision headsets, AR has hit the ground running—and the gaming industry has taken note. If you’re not already playing your favorite titles with a VR headset, then maybe wait to see what pans out next for AR.

Console Gaming: Cloud Gaming

Last year, rumors were circulating about the potential dominance of cloud gaming—but in 2024, this new arrangement has taken off. Cloud gaming is a way for gamers to access their favorite titles from a platform and stream them. Rather than downloading or owning the game, they simply steam it via a cloud gaming platform—just like Netflix and video streaming.

In fact, Netflix is one of the groups that has launched its cloud gaming features this year. Alongside Netflix, other popular choices include Xbox Cloud Gaming, Amazon Luna, and Nware Cloud Gaming. However, the leader in cloud gaming is Nvidia’s GeForce NOW.

In fact, the success of Nvidia’s new cloud gaming pursuit is part of the reason the company surpassed Microsoft as the world’s most valuable tech company. 

Game Development: AI Integration

As mentioned up top, AI has become a hot topic around the world—and especially for gamers. It’s most impactful for developers who are now able to use AI-driven machine-learning tools to develop games faster and more reliably. In other words, it’s like having a spare programming intern.

But AI is starting to shake up other areas of game development. For example, they’re being used to power NPCs or non-playing characters. Though NPCs aren’t nearly as important as programming the game, these types of new norms are creating a much more satisfying gaming experience. They’re also paving the way for smaller dev teams that are working on shoestring budgets.