Whitney Frost and Blackwing Cast In ‘Agent Carter’; Maggia Crime Family The Big Bads?

Nov 4, 2015


Variety is reporting that comedian Ken Marino (Veronica Mars, Bad Milo, Wet Hot American Summer, Reaper) will play Maggia Crime Syndicate boss Joseph Manfredi, who also just happens to be Daredevil villain Blackwing. He won’t be the only Maggia member mixed into the new cast as Whitey Frost aka Madame Masque will be played by Newsroom‘s Wynn Everett, who might actually be the main antagonist of season two.


It’s likely that Manfredi will be the head of the Silvermane Family, but will still have to answer to Frost.


Frost turns out is the head of the Maggia along with her father via the Neferia Family. Frost also has links to Tony Stark being one of his scorned lovers, and her father happens to be Avengers villain Count Neferia, who will likely show-up at some point as well. I have a feeling the relationship with Tony will be replaced with his father Howard, she also is the one who turns Jasper Sitwell against S.H.I.E.L.D. I could see her turning some of Carter’s cohorts.

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I’m curious if their inclusion is planting the seeds for Daredevil season two, and the potential Punisher series. They could end-up becoming the street-level version of Hydra for multiple of these series. The mob syndicate could spread across the MCU in a big bad way, along with supervillain Count Neferia. 


Some of their members include Count Neferia, Joseph Harrow aka Hammerhead, Lonnie Lincoln aka Tombstone, William Cross aka Crossfire, Eric Williams aka Grim Reaper, and mercenary Paldain

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The Maggia Crime Family has links to The Punisher as they killed Castle’s family sparking his vengeful murder spree of the mobsters, along with other Marvel heroes, as they recruit many of the comic villains into their fold and are an international organization that include at least four different crime families within the Maggia.

A majority of Castle’s enemies have been apart of the films, but putting him against some supervillains tied to Maggia might be a smart move to allow a series to move past season one. Beefing-up his series which could help give us more Marvel enemies that get caught in his sights.

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Marvel first teased The Maggia in the Marvel One-Shot All Hail The King, which took place in Seagate prison which has connections to the upcoming Luke Cage series.

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