Who is Cyborg? Cyborg: Rebirth #1 (Review)

Sep 7, 2016


cybreb_cv1_var-325x500Cyborg: Rebirth #1
DC Comics

Written by: John Semper, Jr.
Art by: Tony Kordos, Sandra Hope, Paul Pelletier


Cyborg returns with his own series in this action filled and philosophically interesting issue written by John Semper Jr. If you haven’t read a Cyborg comic book before, I recommend this issue. This issue is in part how Cyborg got his abilities and where he is now allowing his origin to tie in well to this issue. Two new villains specifically tied to Cyborg are introduced. The big ugly monster
featured below is Malware. He isn’t the main villain though. At the end of the comic book, we have a pseudo Star Wars, Vader, Luke moment. Readers are teased at the end of the novel with another robot who looks just like Cyborg stating he is his true father. Rather he met it metaphorically or literally, only time will tell in the next issues.

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The art in this issue is great and fits right in with the seriously detailed art that now covers most of DC’s pages. The darker colors add to the gloomy mood of the whole comic. Cyborg and the Malware have a shine to them making them look truly metallic.

I have a tough time finding anything wrong in this issue. I feel surprised and it is a bit of out of character for Cyborg to not have confronted his dad about his big secret in the red room. Having a father doubt you are not really his son would enrage me and Cyborg has not been known to keep his cool all the time.

If you want to know more about Cyborg and his new nemesis and see the metallic man hold onto what little humanity he has left make sure to pick up this issue!

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