Why Do Video and Casino Games Love Ancient Egypt?

Aug 1, 2018


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With the news earlier in July 2018 that an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus had been discovered in Alexandria, hundreds of people around the world began to speculate what could be inside it. Theories ranged from the plausible – mummified pharaohs – to the bizarre – secret plans left by aliens long ago. But one thing that was clear is that everyone was rapt with anticipation before the unveiling happened. In the end, it turned out it was a mummified pharaoh. But the whole ordeal shows two things. Firstly, that, whether we like it or not, we are obsessed with ancient Egypt and investigating tombs and ruins. Secondly, that games have helped shape this obsession – and in turn are shaped by the theme of ancient Egypt, which is still prevalent across the board – from consoles to online casinos.

Lara Croft may be able to take some responsibility for the love of digging up all things old and embarking on dusty adventures. The Alicia Vikander remake of the original movies came bursting onto screens with a game to be released later in the year. Shadow of the Tomb Raider will complete the reboot of the popular 1996 game, which began in 2013 – and ties in with the mass marketing campaign attached to the latest edition in the franchise. The gaming heroine has even made it into her own Microgaming slot at online casinos, proving her popularity with video gamers and casino goers alike. Sparking such an expansive series from the love of archaeology framed through ancient Egypt shows just how popular digging up the past can be.

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Online casinos are also cashing in on the ancient Egypt theme to attract players to a range of video slots, with online-casinos-canada.ca listing slots like Tomb Raider among the most popular. The slots gameplay is fairly traditional, so the content that frames the way players engage has to jump out to attract them away from the many other games on offer. Games that feature ancient Egypt – from pharaohs to the pyramids, to archaeological findings from the time of Cleopatra – all make for dynamic and vivid online casino games. The ancient Egyptians were known for pageantry, jewels, and prosperity, so these traits are easy and natural to connect to an online casino game.  

Choosing ancient Egypt for gaming themes continues to show how popular the concept is. Whether it’s playing online in a casino or on a console, the theme attracts fans. With so much scope to choose from and such a recognizable set of features that comprise it, there is no wonder that the Egyptian desert helps cultivate such enduring and popular games.

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