Why Gamers Should VPN | Advantages of VPN for Gamers

Jun 9, 2020


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VPN or Virtual Private Network can be used for many purposes. It protects your PC and your online activities from getting trapped in cyberattacks. Get more information here about the VPN service and why should you use it. Now, many gamers have discovered the advantages of using a VPN. You can find out why this is the case and what else you need to know about gaming via VPN in this article.

VPN Protects Against DDoS Attacks

Gaming is no longer just playing computer games. It has become a real competition. And as is usually the case with competitions, some fairly unfair weapons are used to win. One of these weapons is a DDoS attack. This can cause the game to stop working properly or a player to be thrown out of the game entirely. These attacks are particularly common in games like World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and League of Legends.

If you use a VPN, attackers have bad cards with you. Firstly, an attack on a data center with multiple servers is sometimes much more difficult to carry out than with a normal home network and secondly, you have the option of immediately accessing another server if one fails.

Improved Loading Times and Smooth Gaming

If you have the problem that your games have to load for a long time or if there are always delays in playing, then a VPN can also help you in this case. Depending on the server used, the loading times can improve significantly. After all, in many games, it is important that everything works smoothly because every second count.

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But it can also happen that a VPN has a rather negative impact on the loading times. Various factors play a role here, for example, the location of the server or the choice of VPN provider.

More Privacy for Gamers

By using a VPN, you are not only protected on the Internet, but also anonymous on the go. That means not only that other gamers cannot tap your data while gaming, but also that nobody can find out your identity.

But of course, all other sensitive information that is transmitted outside of gaming is also protected against cybercriminals.

No Reduction in Internet Speed

Some internet providers reduce your internet speed as soon as a certain data value has been reached, which is usually very quick for gamblers. This is often not noticeable with normal computer use. But for gamers, it is an absolute no-go, because after all, milliseconds can decide whether to win or lose a game.

Thanks to a VPN, your internet provider cannot track your activities on the internet and accordingly does not know whether and how much you play.

Bypass Regional Restrictions

Not all games are always available in every country. For example, some are only available in the United States and not at all in other countries. This censorship comes about through the legal situation of the respective country. However, the fact that a game is not available in your country does not mean that you are not allowed to own it. You just may not resell it. If you use a VPN server from the country in which the game is available, you can purchase it despite censorship.

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Avoid Longer Waiting Times

New games often come onto the market at different times in different countries. Usually, American players have a clear advantage here and can start much earlier than people from other parts of the world. But you can avoid this long waiting time if you use a VPN from the country in which the game has already been published.

Get Games and Other Content Cheaper

Games in other countries are also often cheaper. For example, this is also the case again in the USA. If you dial into a VPN server in the country where the game is cheaper, you can also benefit from the cheaper prices.

Play with Friends All Over the World

In the case of particularly popular games that are used by many gamers, it is usually the case that the capacities are limited and not all players can play with one another at the same time. That is why there are different servers that players from different regions can use. This server can often not simply be selected but is assigned to you depending on the IP address. So that means that if you have friends who live in another country, you may never have the opportunity to play with them.

Since you can connect to a server of your choice thanks to the VPN, you can also use an IP address from the region that your friends come from with whom you want to play.

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