Why Playing FIFA May Be Good For You

Mar 28, 2023

It often feels that video games get a bad rap. Times are changing, but historically, the view has been that they take up too much time that could be better spent elsewhere. But if you’re a gamer yourself, then you’ll know that’s an inaccurate assessment. For one thing, they bring you happiness, and isn’t that something that we could all do with a little more of?
In addition, you’ll typically find that you receive a lot of second-hand positives, too. This is especially the case with FIFA, the world’s most popular soccer game, which offers players a whole host of valuable benefits. Like what, we hear you ask? Let’s take a look.

It Lowers Anxiety

OK, first of all, we have to concede that playing FIFA can cause a spike in anxiety. Who doesn’t feel their heartbeat increasing when they’re trying to defend a slender 1-0 lead against an opponent that is doing anything and everything they can to grab an equalizer?
But in general, playing FIFA can be good for your mental health. Researchers found that gamers reported a reduction in their anxiety during and after the virtual full-time whistle had been blown. And that makes a lot of sense to us — it’s hard to think about anything else that might be on your mind when you’re trying to find the killer defense-splitting pass to your number nine.

It’s Social

We all lead busy lives, and that means that we often don’t have as much time to spend with our friends and loved ones as we’d like. You might like to socialize for six hours on a sunny beach, but who has the time to do that?!
FIFA offers an easy and convenient way to spend some quality virtual time with your friends (provided they play FIFA). Plus, if you can pick up an extra controller or two, then you can also invite your friends around for a social evening spent doing battle on the pitch.
It Improves Your Understanding of Soccer
Most people that watch soccer can only do so at a basic level, purely because they don’t have the technical understanding of the tactics being deployed to win a game. That’s not a criticism, just a reality — you need some tactical nous to watch a soccer match on a deeper level.
While, for this purpose, playing FIFA isn’t as effective as, say, getting your coaching badges, it can certainly help. You can’t expect to win the league with a lower-level club if you don’t know how to set up your team.
And that knowledge translates into an understanding of the sport at large. Players who have been playing FIFA for a while, as well as those engaged in the world of sports betting using platforms like OddsChecker to use betting offers to back teams for victory, will likely understand the sport much better than the vast majority of fans.

It’s an Icebreaker

You’ll meet soccer fans wherever you are in the world. Having any understanding of the sport can be a good ice-breaker in social situations, but when you’re able to discuss up-and-coming talents at obscure clubs, you’ll find that you’ll find an easy conversation starter with soccer fans everywhere you go, regardless of the team they support.

Minimizing The Pain of Real-World Defeats

Finally, excelling with your favorite team in the virtual world of FIFA can minimize the pain of their performance in the real world. Your team might be battling relegation, but if you can excel with them in Career Mode, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that there’s at least one reality where the team doesn’t suck.
We’re not saying it’ll cover all the pain of a stinging 5 – 0 defeat to your bitter rivals, but it’ll be slightly reduced, and that’s all you can really hope for in those moments.