Why Superheroes Make the Best Slots

Aug 1, 2018


Source: Pixabay

When it comes to ideas for slot games, developers have so much scope for choosing a topic or theme to wrap up the traditional gameplay in. These range from choosing a broad theme from history or pop culture that would appeal to the general public to choosing something more niche that resonates with a few, but develops more of a cult following. One such theme that gains a lot of popularity in online slots is the superhero theme. Whether this is Marvel and DC superheroes, or just the idea of legendary figures saving the world, superheroes have a lot in common with online slots.

Fast Action, Fast Gameplay

Superhero films and still popular comics are defined by their pace and choppy dynamism that comes from the fight scenes and the fast movements that superheroes often are supercharged in. This reflects well with online slots, which are also characterized by the fast action in the form of the gameplay involved. Whether a three-reel or five-reel slot, each revolution moves you closer to a grander prize, or the opportunity to try again. In the same way, a comic or superhero fight scene can read or watched quickly, playing a few spins of online slots gives that same speedy experience.

Pop of Color

Superheroes came from comics, which by their nature involve deep, rich colors popping on the page. Superhero films choose cinematographers who utilize strong color schemes, which leave the film with a vibrant look that bursts onto screens. Online slots utilize the power of video in many Canadian slots like Thor to bring forth the same brightness and dynamic color scheme expected from superhero source material. Given that both have a penchant for allowing bright colors to bring the story to life, they are a strong match.

Source: Pixabay

The Right Audience

It’s crucial both when creating superheroes and designing slots that you’re confident enough people will interact. The superhero theme already has a solid fanbase – 2017 saw $4billion taken at the box office for superhero films alone, showing there is an audience for them. By linking up the superhero lovers with those interested in the slots gameplay, developers can be confident that they will have the right people playing the games and engaging with their product.  

Superheroes and slots go together perfectly – from the vibrant designs captured through video slots that reflect the comic book look of the superhero, to the fast and dynamic gameplay that mimics the kapow! of the comic, to the ready-made audience eager to engage with their favorite heroes.


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