Why We Need a Proper Wonder Woman Video Game

Apr 2, 2021


Why We Need A Wonder Woman Video Game

DC fans had been demanding a Wonder Woman movie for some time before the 2017 film came out. With the recent Wonder Woman 1984 sequel and two more sequels in the works, fans of the Amazon princess have now shifted their attention to the video game world. Why has the most famous female superhero on the planet never starred in her very own video game? Surely, now is the ideal time for that to happen, despite there being no official plans as of yet.

The Games Wonder Woman Has Appeared In

Contrary to popular belief, Wonder Woman has starred in a video game, only it happens to be a very poorly executed flash game. In the Wonder Woman Last Woman Standing game, you simply need to dodge all of the shots and stay alive. But the game is no one’s idea of a proper Wonder Woman video game.

Of course, Wonder Woman has appeared in many games over the years. She has also actually given her name to a couple of fantastic slot games: Wonder Woman Gold and Wonder Woman: Bullets & Bracelets, which are available at Casumo. In addition to the Amazonian princess slot games, there are plenty of other slots featuring princesses, such as the Japanese-themed Koi Princess, also available at カスモのオンラインカジノ (Casumo online casino). As for video games that Wonder Woman has appeared in, she has featured in four Justice League games and four LEGO games. But the two video games where Wonder Woman shines the most are Injustice: Gods Among Us and Injustice 2.

After getting a glimpse of Wonder Woman’s potential in the Injustice games, and her epic stories in the Wonder Woman blockbuster movies, there is so much potential for a fantastic Wonder Woman video game that could rival the likes of the Batman Arkham series.

What a Wonder Woman Video Game Could Look Like

With her tiara, magical sword, Bracelets of Submission, gold armor, intelligence, and strength, Wonder Woman would make the ideal protagonist for a proper video game. The possibilities for incorporating her weapons and skills are endless. Just consider how her Lasso of Truth could be utilized to restrain villains and coax the truth out of them. The lasso would also allow Wonder Woman to swing across obstacles and fall onto enemies in a similar vein to Spider-Man. 

Wonder Woman’s Invisible Airplane could also be an excellent asset in a video game. It would allow a game to go beyond the single sandbox city structure of games like Batman: Arkham Knight and Spider-Man and instead enable Wonder Woman to travel the world to distant and exciting places, making for engaging gameplay and also illustrating Wonder Woman’s will to be a worldwide ambassador against evil.

 Final Thoughts

While it is plain to see how many elements of Wonder Woman would make for an incredible video game, the primary reason why we need a proper Wonder Woman video game is that we simply need a female-led superhero game. Video games are still not as diversified as they should be; and seeing as Wonder Woman is unquestionably the most famous female comic book character in the world, it is an outrage that she has not already starred in a video game. A Wonder Woman game would help to promote feminism and diversity, so it should also have a strong team of female developers behind its production and ensure the game contains a plethora of characters who hail from different genders, races, sexualities, and cultures. But we will just have to wait to see whether our pipe-dream of a Wonder Woman video game becomes a reality anytime soon.

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