Will Hints of A Shared Universe Continue With ‘Alien: Covenant’ and ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel?

Sep 6, 2016


Over the years there have been direct hints that for whatever reason the Alien and Blade Runner franchises share a cinematic universe, likely due to Ridley Scott directing both films. It’ll be curious to see if Fox and Alcon/WB would be able to workout a full-fledged crossover at some point, but until then we’re slightly hopeful that Alien: Covenant and Blade Runner 2 could have even more teases of this shared universe.

Check out the connections they share that started back in 1982.

Blade Runner (1982): Police vehicles (spinner) have an eerily similar docking/release system as the Nostromo in Alien.


Aliens (1986): During the scene where Ellen Ripley is explain the events of Nostromo to Weyland-Yuanti executives, Dallas’ employee file reveals that he previously worked for Blade Runner‘s Tyrell Corporation. James Cameron also loosely connected the film to his Terminator franchise with the mention of  Hyperdyne Systems, which would later be reworked as Cyberdyne Systems for Terminator 2: Judgement Day.


Prometheus (2012): A Blu-Ray Easter Egg reveals a letter written by Peter Weyland from Mars alluding that his mentor was in fact Tyrell. There is also a visual similarity to Tyrell and Weyland’s introductions, each having pet animals in the room.

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Ridley Scott was onboard for the untitled Blade Runner sequel since Alcon Entertainment first approached him, and he was closely involved in the screenwriting process with Hampton Fancher, who adapted the original film with David Peoples. Hiring Alien: Covenant co-writer Michael Green to do rewrites on Blade Runner 2‘s script as well, having the same writer on both films could mean subtle teases could have been snuck in.

Scott would eventually drop out as director to focus on Prometheus sequel Covenant instead, staying-on as the film’s producer when Sicario and Arrival director Denis Villeneuve was hired to replace him. There is a strong possibility that more Easter Eggs or a bigger direct connection could be made when the two films are released mere months apart from each other next year.

This isn’t the only crossovers we’ve seen in the past with these franchises, Predator 2 adding a xenomorph skull that planted seeds for the two regrettable AVP movies. By the time Predator 2 was released Bill Paxton had been killed by a terminator, a xenomorph and a predator.

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The Kurt Russell science fiction action film Soldier had spiritual ties to both Blade Runner and Aliens, the film was written by Blade Runner screenwriter David Peoples, which might explain things. Locations like Shoulder of Orion are mentioned by Roy Batty and are put on Todd’s combat record, including hints that he was once apart of the United States Colonial Marines and was familiar with the smartgun.


One of the Blade Runner vehicles was spotted on camera too.



Soldier‘s director Paul W.S. Anderson was notably obsessed with Ridley Scott, which led to him tackling Alien vs Predator years later. Putting the axe to Ridley Scott and James Cameron’s Alien 5 pitch.

Do you think we’ll see more crossover teases next year with the release of Alien: Covenant and Blade Runner 2?


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