Winnebago Graveyard #3 REVIEW

Aug 17, 2017

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Winnebago Graveyard #3
Image Comics

Written by: Alison Sampson, Steve Niles
Art and Cover by: Alison Sampson, Jordie Bellaire, Stéphane Paitreau
Variant Cover by: Emi Lenox

After reading the first issue, I complained a little about the art style of this series.  The bright side was, I did like the story and general idea of it.  In issue two, I had grown accustomed to the art, and the story kept getting better.  Now with issue three, everything is coming together.  I can now tell what the creators were trying to do and I am a fan!  Sadly, this series is almost over.  This was issue 3 of 4.  I can only hope that we see more from this team in the future.

Leave it to the penultimate issue to be the happiest of the stories so far to come from Winnebago Graveyard.  Sadly this is not saying much.  Christine and the family may be on the road to safety with Deacon’s help.  What is their plan to escape a town of homicidal satanists?  We will have to wait for the thrilling conclusion in issue 4.  I, for one, cannot wait!!

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