The Witcher #2 Review (Dark Horse)

Apr 23, 2014


24214The Witcher #2
Dark Horse Comics

Writer: Paul Tobin
Artist: Joe Querio
Color by: Carlos Badilla

Geralt of Revia returns in Paul Tobin’s The Witcher series by Dark Horse!

(Slight spoilers from The Witcher #1 appear.)

When we last left Jakob and Geralt they were standing in front of a large house in the middle of the Black Forest.  The foreboding house’s front door was open, inviting them in, tempting them.  The appearance of Marta, Jakob’s long-dead wife, on a balcony piqued the pair’s curiosity while certainly causing them to exercise caution.  As the pair entered the house, it became apparent that the house held many secrets, some seductive and others deadly.

Tobin’s second entry into The Witcher started off slowly enough.  There was a little bit of exposition but not really any satisfying explanations.  I didn’t know what to expect going in, but by the time I had arrived  at the “To be continued” panel I was intrigued .  Saying this is not intended to be a slight since the second book plays the important role of laying an intriguing foundation for the third entry to the series.  I just wish that there had been a little more revelation… or that The Witcher #3 would hurry up and release.

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