Wonder Woman #21 Review

Apr 30, 2017


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Wonder Woman #21
DC Comics

Written by: Greg Rucka
Art by: Liam Sharp
Colors by: Laura Martin and Hi-Fi

It’s very sad knowing that Greg Rucka’s amazing run on Wonder Woman is coming to an end with issue #25. But before we roll-out the tissues Veronica Cale and Wonder Woman meet face-to-face on the journey to find Themyscira.

One thing I must say about this book before I get to the nitty-gritty is that Liam Sharp’s are holds nothing back. Between the amazing action shots that you see in the beginning of this issue (Jumping onto the car) to the moving and elegant portrayal of Barbara A.K.A the Cheetah’s most recent confrontation with Wonder Woman. His renderings of the Black Tree, which is complimented tremendously by Laura Martin’s and Hi-Fi’s color pallet gives Wonder Woman a very intricate and beautiful to look at. I am most definitely going to miss him when this run is over.

One of Rucka’s biggest strength’s in this run is the displaying of Diana’s compassion which is evident in this issue when she provides a helping hand to the woman responsible for orchestrating attacks against her. Wonder Woman is never resentful or callous, her heart is pure, loving and she always places others needs before herself. Which is an awesome trait to have as an individual because her very essence can change the most bitter of hearts into a possible ally, which seems to be the case here with Veronica.

During the conflict with Cheetah, a droplet of Diana’s blood lands on the black tree which in turns opens a gateway into a prison. Whose prison does it belong to? I guess you are going to have to read this amazing issue to find out for yourself.

Rucka, Sharp, and Martin deserve much praise not only for this issue but for the journey they have taken us all on. It’s bittersweet knowing this creative teams run ends in two weeks but I can wait any longer. I must know how this all ends!!