The X-Files Origins: Dog Days of Summer #4 REVIEW

Sep 26, 2017

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IDW Publishing

Written by: Jody Houser, Matthew Dow Smith
Art by: Chris Fenoglio

The summer of 1974 has never looked more exciting. We are still following Fox and his friends throughout Martha’s Vineyard in search of answers. The fish have left town, a deaf girl is being used by the government… this is the X-Files I was waiting for. I understand the use of character development and exposition in some of the previous issues. Now we finally hit pay-dirt! While I still care just as much (or as little) about some of the secondary characters, at least I finally have a sci-fi… ish story to follow. I am not going to give any spoilers away, but if those lights do not belong to a spaceship, I am going to be VERY surprised!

Now to find out what is happening with Scully. Wait, do I need to flip my computer monitor over? This is a cool and unique move by IDW.

Okay, not that is for sure a UFO of some sort! I did not expect Scully’s story to leap into the world of science fiction, but I am glad it is. It still feels more like a police procedural but led by a teenage girl. My hope is that her story and Fox’s will meet up. I know they span time and space, but this is X-Files, anything is possible. While the Scully story does not intrigue me as much as the Fox one, I do like the art style more. It could be something as simple as scenery, or Chris Fenoglio might be trying to elicit a different feel between the two.

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