Dec 15, 2021



An appropriate title for this month’s adventure of the investigative arm of the Nation of Krakoa would be the “Spies Who Loved and Lost” . Between the recent heartbreak for Quentin and betrayal for Logan, the morale of the entire team seems to be at a low. However, just because the boys are down in the dumps don’t expect them to get any downtime. X-Force # 26 has Wolverine and team tracking down three children stolen from the Bower. What could XENO have planned for Maximllian?

X-Force # 26

Marvel Comics

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Robert Gill
Color Artist: Guru eFX
Letterer: VC’s Joe Carmagna

We begin the issue with four members of the team investigating the Dead Cove portion of Krakoa. A sour Logan beats himself up for being suckered by Pike. Meanwhile, Quire contemplates (and kinda attempts) suicide. His intent is to have himself resurrected without the memory of Phoebe. A lot of the issue focuses on both men attempting to advise the other on the affairs of the heart. The better to have loved and lost speeches go on a little longer than needed

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In terms of mentoring, Wolverine has traditionally had female proteges. Ever since he took over the school Quentin Quire has been a part of Logan’s life. X-Force continues to force or is it forge this unlikely alliance. Given how surly Wolverine is and know it all Quire is I’m not certain where this relationship is going. The dialogue this issue proves how quick Quire is to one up every teacher or leader he encounters. Logan’s do as I say not as I do approach does not work here.

The climatic scenes as the team pursues Pike on the volcanic island are the only action this issue. It is also here the artists flourish as the combination of waves and lava combine for the crescendo to this tale. This visually captivating moment is unfortunately overshadowed by the attempts of Logan to “save” Pike. This dialogue and the badgering Quire gives Logan about his efforts leave this issue with a disappointing conclusion.

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Unfortunately, the Krakoa age has seen the legacy of X-Force tarnished a bit. The initial concept was to take action. However, XENO has left the team of spies reacting after the fact. First there was what happened with Domino. Now they have intel and access to the island. Could there be a mole in the agency, a spy among them? Here is hoping the pity party doesn’t last long as the island nation of Krakoa and it’s inhabitants are depending on them.

Score: 7.9


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