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Able to sprout from the tiniest cracks in any crevice. With the ability to photosynthesize even when he is being shaded. And a stern forceful gaze like a kiss from a rose on the grave. Enter Captain Krakoa into the ranks of the newly formed team of X-Men. Although Marvel made the effort to make the heroes identity a mystery, the who of Captain Krakoa was never the real question. X-Men # 6 from writer Gerry Duggan begins to dig into the reason why there is need for Captain Krakoa.

X-Men # 6
“To Captain Krakoa

Marvel Comics

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Pepe Larraz
Color Artist: Marte Garcia
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Reading any X series comic these days is a bit like a puzzle. Sudoku, crossword or even 1000 piece; take your pick. The point is you see everything there is to work with, but the challenge is determining how it all fits together. The first piece this issue presents is in the form of a confrontational Cyclops. Apparently, the Quiet Council is making a decision regarding membership of the X-Men. Given Cyclops reason for forming this team in the first place I can understand his displeasure. The Quiet Council has at it’s disposal what I would consider arguably the weakest law of Krakoa. By enacting the law “Respect this Sacred Land” the decision to add Captain Krakoa to the X-Men passes unanimously, with one abstain – always making things difficult.

The most powerful moments this issue in terms of narrative and presentation take place after Cyclops meeting. Despite grabbing the cover this section doesn’t center on Captain Krakoa. I’m gonna wager this may be the first ever Sunfire X-Men story. Shiro has often felt one dimensional but here the man from the land of the rising sun truly shines. You can see his typical tendencies are gone. Instead the ego of the issue goes to Vornak as he confronts Feilong, also full of ego, who is attempting to claim Mars Moon Phobos for Earth/Humanity. Larraz and Garcia pull of some amazing panels during this section. The appearance of Feilong’s fleet is impressively intimidating and inspiring. The previously mentioned battle between Feilong and Vornak while quick provides some stunning visual sequences.

The issue ends with Cyclops making choices now that Captain Krakoa has joined the team. Cyclops behavior reminds me of his attitude during the Rosenberg run of X-Men. It’s hard to believe that it wasn’t that long ago that Cyclops was all alone; with the rest of the X-Men seemingly dead. Though the Resurrection Protocols prevent anyone from permanently pushing daisies something is haunting Scott. Will Captain Krakoa serve as a vine to help the X-Men’s leader escape his current circumstances? Or ensnare him further?

Score: 9.6

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