‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Heading To Genosha? ; New Info Supports Our Previous Prediction

Jul 3, 2017


Details concerning X-Men: Dark Phoenix are slowly trickling in.

A new report from Nerdist suggests (as we predicted last month) that the fictional X-Men location of Genosha will indeed play a role in the film. However, it’s unknown how the mutant hell-hole and also eventual sancuary will be portrayed in the film.

“But there’s more! Our source also tells us that Dark Phoenix will introduce Genosha to the X-Men movieverse. In the late ’80s, writer Chris Claremont created Genosha as a fictional country that had Mutant apartheid. In the ’90s, Magneto eventually seized control of Genosha and declared it to be a new mutant homeland. That worked out just fine… at least until Sentinels wiped out most of the population.”

It’s a little odd that Nerdist failed to mention our report where we mentioned the possibility of Genosha since they used that the same report for the Shi’ar Empire angle.

This is supported by our previous report that the Shi’ar Empire and Genosha could be showing up in the film via Toby Huss’ Hoover audition tape we uncovered a while back. As his character Hoover seemed to be either an agent of the Shi’ar Empire or Genosha.

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Another thing that is supporting this report is that they’re currently building a mock United Nations set in Montreal, which could mean the introduction of Genosha looking for membership.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is expected to shoot throughout the summer with a release date of Novermber 2nd, 2018.


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