You don’t get Catwoman’s vote! Catwoman Election Night #1 review

Nov 2, 2016


ctwen_cv1_ds-669x1028Catwoman: Election Night #1
DC Comics

Written by: Meredith Finch (Catwoman), Mark Russell (Prez)
Art by: Shane Davis, Igor Vitorino, Michelle Delecki (Catwoman), Ben Caldwell, Mar Morales (Prez)

I am a long time fan of Catwoman and this story exploring her past scratches my thirst for a Fall read. In Catwoman Election Night #1, you will be treated with several guest appearances. However, I feel even though some other big DC names are in this, the story is still heavily centered around Catwoman and her caring intentions. In this issue, Catwoman represents really the backbone of what inspired me to read DC comics. We see a young girl growing up in a rough background just trying to get by, with Finch really giving us the feeling of how rough that can be. However, we also see the good in Catwoman’s life and it makes us remember that even in the dark times, there is still light.ctwen_1_7-669x1028

Besides giving us a good backstory, Finch does a good job of going back and fourth between present and future to unravel the mystery at hand. Part of me wishes Finch and team had included some sort of tie into the current Batman story arcs but there isn’t even a mention. However, the art from Shane Davis, Igor Vitorino, and Michelle Delecki give us some tremendous story telling which more than makes up for the lack of a tie in.

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The art of Catwoman: Election Night is amazingly detailed and colorful. Davis and crew make scenes come to life with their beautiful illustrated pictures while also keeping a darker palette which embodies Gotham’s tone.

Catwoman: Election Night is a great introduction to Catwoman for new and returning readers. Some may think this is coming out because election day is around the corner, but this is not a political comic. It’s about Catwoman and how she portrays what Gotham is really like.

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