Young Justice #14 (Review)

Mar 10, 2020


Young Justice #14
DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis and David Walker
Art by John Timms and Michael Avon Oeming
Colors by Gabe Eltaeb
Letters by Wes Abbott


Bart will have to recruit every young hero he can find if there’s any chance of rescuing Conner from Skartaris.

With the Young Justice team gathered outside the hidden STAR Labs base, Kid Flash will go on a recruiting mission to find more young heroes willing to help them enter the base and rescue Conner Kent. With heroes like Sideways, Aqualad, Spoiler and more by their sides, Tim Drake leads the team against an army of interdimensional monsters sent by Dr. Glory to stop them. At the same time, Conner and Warlord face off against a villain infused with magic and a special weapon Dr. Glory sent to take out the half-kryptonian once and for all.

Bendis and Walker infuse this issue with a lot of action and humor and both work. Gathering all of these young heroes seems like overkill on the surface, but their dynamics and character interactions work and most of them are given some entertaining moments throughout the story. The recruiting storyline takes center stage and the writers do a great job of explaining the speed of those moments by having Bart be the catalyst for them. The battle on Skartaris is done well and the twist from Glory adds to the tension. The final panels of the issue are well done and the story ends with an intriguing new plot twist for the heroes to face.

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Timms and Oeming deliver some great art in this issue. Timms’ style is fantastic and I loved how he handled the action as well as the detailed backgrounds. Oeming’s more cartoonish style is fun and plays into the vibe of the story and its characters.

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