Youngblood #3 REVIEW

Jul 11, 2017

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Youngblood #3
Image Comics

Written by: Chad Bowers
Art by: Jim Towe

Chad and Jim are back this month with a new Youngblood (Reborn), and I could not be happier!  This issue continues the story of our new Youngbloods and how some of the “Oldbloods” are taking the news of this remake.  Compared to issue 2, this one is a lot more story oriented and less about the action.  That is not to say we do not get some kick butt scenes.  They are just shorter this time around.  I really appreciate when an author chooses to use action only when they need it to move the story along.

One of the aspects of this relaunch that I am liking is the use of modern technology.  In the world of Youngblood,

there is an app, Help!, that allows people to contact superheroes for, well… help.  But somebody is using this to catfish heroes and trap them.  It is up to our young heroes, with help from the veteran ones to figure out who is doing this.  That is the easy part, the hard part is getting everybody to agree on what to do.

What Chad Bowers does with words, Jim Towe brings to life with his art.  There is something about his use of color and shadow that makes you believe in this world.  It is one of the few relaunches, remakes, etc. that I have read that has the soul of its predecessor.  That is to say, though the style is updated, you can still get a feel for what came before.  I firmly believe that Jim could be dropped off in 1987 and fit in quite well.  I am looking forward to future issues and cannot wait to see the full team hit the streets!

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