’12 Years a Slave’ Actress Alfre Woodard Joins Marvel’s ‘Luke Cage’

With Marvel’s second Netflix series Jessica Jones debuting this fall; production on their third series Luke Cage is starting to ramp up. With new comer Mike Colter taking on the title role (while first appearing in Jessica Jones) a new name can be added to the cast list. Deadline is reporting that 12 Years a Slave actress Alfre Woodard has joined the cast in a key villain role. While the role wasn’t specifically revealed the site goes onto reveal she maybe playing a new reinvented version of the Luke Cage villain Black Mariah.

Black Mariah was the leader of a gang of New York criminals called the Rat Pack. Their primary source of criminal activity would be using a stolen ambulance to pick up the bodies of the recently deceased, and then stealing whatever valuables they had on their person.

Luke Cage is expected to debut in 2016 exclusively on Netflix

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