4 Best of Upcoming Games 2019

Mar 18, 2019

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The year 2019 seems to be very rich for releases from both big publishers and small independent artists. It looks like games coming out in 2019 will make every player happy. The Witcher 4 hasn’t been announced yet and it is sad, but we’ve got something to show you instead. Come in and see top games of 2019 that gamers expect most of all.

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Now, let’s come back to the topic: here are the 4 most anticipated games of 2019 we would like to play.

2019 Games: Ghost of Tsushima

Genre: Action

Developer: Sucker Punch

Publisher: Sony

Platforms: PlayStation 4

Release date: 2019 

Within the last couple of years, the gaming industry got interested in feudal Japan once again. Not only Japanese developers make games about it, but their Western colleagues also try to create potentially one of the best games of 2019. The Sucker Punch studio disappeared from radars after finishing their inFamous series, and then presented the absolutely new open-world project touching the times of the first Mongol invasion of Tsushima Island.   

The region is ruined, but the will of samurai named Jin hasn’t been broken. He steps into the path of war to free his country from invaders. Developers promise to make a spacious map with many interesting places to visit: temples, bamboo groves and other beautiful locations. Speaking about battles, Jin can eliminate enemies silently or directly through dueling them with a sword. Fights look as cool as they do in classical movies about Japanese warriors.

The main question is simple. How interesting will be the world Sucker Punch make? Studio proved the ability to create bright characters and interesting interaction between in-game locations but suffered many problems exactly in the point of filling their virtual spaces with details. Additionally, Jin is not Cole from inFamous: he can only ride a horse to go through beautiful fields and is unable to fly between skyscrapers. For now, Ghost of Tsushima looks like a typical pig in a poke: it can become either one of the best games of 2019 or a technologically perfect but boring open-world project. Time will show. But at this moment, we are intrigued.

Marvelous Hardcore Games of 2019: Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Genre: platformer, metroidvania

Developer: Moon Studios

Publisher: Microsoft

Platforms: PC, Xbox One

Release date: 2019

The telltale story of Ori and the Bling Forest became one of the greatest projects back in 2015. It carefully combined bright graphics, complicated platformer mechanics and involving metroidvania elements, and the charming music became a pleasant element of the almost perfect project. Moon Studios set the quality level very high and will try to reach it again in a sequel: Ori and the Will of the Wisps, one of the most expected upcoming games of 2019.

They can make it. The second project continues the touching story of the previous part, so here players will meet new characters along with familiar ones. Platformer sections became even trickier, they’ll demand to practice and learn from mistakes. They promise to make the world more complicated, so players will feel it difficult to pass through certain parts of locations without a cartographer able to reveal them.

That entire cocktail is served with the amazing visual style and equally great music written by Gareth Coker, the composer of the first part. This is definitely one of the most anticipated games of 2019.  

2019 Games: RAGE 2 or the Stylish Post-Apocalyptic World

Genre: Shooter

Developer: Avalanche Studios, id Software

Publisher: Bethesda

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Release date: May 19, 2019 

Bethesda failed one post-apocalyptic setting (Fallout 76) in 2018 but got some safety with another one. Skilled guys from Avalanche Studios and id Software develop their own version of life after the apocalypse: the bright, funny and the one filled with madness. Rage 2 is likely to “Mad Max” in terms of atmosphere: huge trucks drive through roads, and the player can attack convoys and rob caravans.

Just Cause creators develop the open world while shooting mechanics are the responsibility of real masters: we bet nobody doubts abilities of DOOM, Wolfenstein and Quake authors. There will be many quests connected to eliminating enemies, and many other funny activities, too.

The open world build on shooting entertainments is cool, but isn’t the duet of respected studios late to the open-world party? Fallout 76 definitely got late to the concert of survival projects. Rage 2 is of the most anticipated games 2019, and we prefer to believe it’s just in time.

The Last Night: Still One of the Most Anticipated Games of 2019

Genre: Action

Developer: Odd Tales

Publisher: Raw Fury

Platforms: PC, Xbox One

Release date: 2019 

A dark trailer of the cyberpunk-stylized The Last Night exploded E3 2017, but the project disappeared from news lines since then. Maybe, something went wrong: the studio publishes posts on their Twitter from time to time, but there is still no valuable information. Recently, there appeared some bad news making us doubt one of the most expected upcoming games of 2019 will ever be released at all.

This game’s most attractive element is the powerful visual style created by the combination of 3D graphics and pixel-art. We won’t be wondered if The Last Night turns to be a 5-6 hour long project. What matters the most is not the gameplay time but things developers tell during that time, doesn’t it?