Aug 12, 2021


Skincare for gamers

From sparking creativity to increasing visual-spatial skills, there’s no denying that gaming brings with it a number of mental health benefits. However, when it comes to skin health, gaming isn’t quite so advantageous.

All of that time spent in front of a screen plays havoc on your skin. Puffy eyes, hyperpigmentation, acne, and dryness are just a few of the skin concerns commonly experienced by regular gamers. Fortunately, there’s plenty that you can do about this - here are five skincare tips that busy gamers can follow for a healthy, smooth, and glowing complexion.

Use Antioxidants to Tackle Blue Light Damage

One of the biggest issues faced by gamers, as well as by anyone else who spends hours in front of a screen, is hyperpigmentation. It’s the blue light emitted by screens that causes this. Just like UV rays, the blue light wavelength triggers changes in your skin cells - it damages them, shrinks them, and kills them. Research shows that even just 60 minutes spent in front of a screen can kickstart this process.

Just like when it comes to battling UV damage, antioxidants are the key to protecting your skin from blue light. Vitamin C is particularly effective, especially when it comes to lightening and brightening the dark spots that blue light can cause. However, in general, the more antioxidants you use, the better. They work synergistically together, each one supporting the next, making them so much more powerful as a group.

Cleanse Your Skin and Your Gaming Area at the End of Each Day

Many would say that cleansing is the most important step of any skincare routine, but this is even more so the case for gamers. Dirt, oil, sweat, and bacteria will quickly build up on your controllers, headphones, and any other equipment that you use. This will soon spread to your skin, with acne being the most common outcome.

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So, in addition to cleansing your face at the end of each day, make sure that you also give your gaming area a good clean too. Antibacterial wipes are great for this - simply swipe them over anything that you’ve been using to clear away the grime. However, don’t be tempted to use wipes on your face too - a rinse-off cleanser is much more beneficial than facial wipes.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Many gamers spend a significant amount of time in rooms with dry air. This has a seriously detrimental impact on your skin - a dry environment will draw the moisture out of your skin, leaving it parched.

There are two ways to deal with this. The first is by keeping your skin’s moisture levels topped up with a hydrating and nourishing moisturizer, such as the XYZ Smart Collagen cream. Next, look into increasing the humidity level of your gaming area - a humidifier is the easiest way to do this.

Invest in a Good Eye Cream

From squinting at the screen, which causes eye wrinkles, to late night gaming sessions, which will have you waking up with puffy eyes and dark circles, long-term gamers often find themselves dealing with issues related to the skin around their eyes. It goes without saying that the best way to counter this is to stop squinting, or to make sure that you get enough sleep each night. However, let’s face it, this isn’t always quite so easy.

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This is where a good eye cream comes in. Look for a soothing and brightening formula - one that can tackle wrinkles, irritation, puffiness, and shadows. Apply this to your skin each night before bed. However, rather than rubbing it into your skin, use your ring finger to tap it in instead - this beauty hack encourages the skin to absorb more product.

Stay Active in Between Gaming Sessions

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If you’re guilty of sitting in front of your screen for hours, barely moving your body, it’s time to change this - all of that inactivity really isn’t doing your skin, or your health, any favors. It’s common knowledge that exercise is a must for keeping your body in good condition, but did you know that regular exercise will lead to better skin too?

Research shows that exercise has a number of skin-boosting benefits - it slows down skin aging, reduces puffiness around the eyes, helps to prevent acne breakouts, and gives the skin an all-round glow. You may not want to give up gaming for the gym, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take regular gaming breaks to get your body moving.


With the number of gamers in the world steadily growing each year, it’s hardly surprising that more and more people are now becoming aware of the effects that gaming can have on the skin. This doesn’t mean that you need to stop gaming - instead, follow the five simple tips above to keep your skin looking its very best.

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