5 Things You Should Know About HYRULE WARRIORS

Sep 26, 2014

With this week’s release of Hyrule Warriors, you might be contemplating whether or not you’ll be purchasing it. Being that this game isn’t developed by Nintendo, but by the Omega Force and Team Ninja development teams at Koei Tecmo, there are several elements that have changed in this Hyrulian experience. We at Geeks With Wives want nothing more than for you to be an informed consumer. So if you do decide to join the ranks of Hyrule’s finest, here’s 5 things you need to know before doing so!

This isn’t a classic Legend of Zelda game

When it comes to the Zelda series, there is an experience that we have come to expect. We know the game is going to start with Link  asleep somewhere. He’ll eventually embark on a quest to save a princess, find the master sword, and many dungeons later, save Hyrule. That isn’t the case here. Whether you are a veteran of the series or a newcomer, it is important to remember that this game is more like Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors than it is Legend of Zelda. Granted, many weapons make their return – like the Hookshot and Boomerang – but you’ll be spending less time solving puzzles and completing dungeons, and a majority of your time clearing the battlefield of enemies. For those not familiar with it, Dynasty Warriors is a series that is combat heavy and has you fighting wave upon wave of enemies. The joy is in feeling like the most powerful soldier on the battlefield, and the series has always successfully thrived in that objective.

Old bosses, like King Dodongo, want a rematch. Here's a hint: use bombs.

Classic bosses, like King Dodongo, make a return. Here’s a hint: use your bombs!

Choose your warrior 

In this game, you’ll be able to unlock and play as many different characters from the Zelda series – as well as some new warriors specific to this game. You want roll over Moblins as Goron? Have at it! Even better, you can play as some of the worst baddies who ever plagued the lands of Hyrule. Let’s admit it, sometimes it feels good to be bad. We can’t wait to play as previous Zelda villains like Ghirahim and Zant, and of course, we can’t forget the Darth Vader of video games himself – Ganondorf! Each character feels different and adds a great change of pace to the experience.

Oh, this is going to be fun…

The Return of Classic Co-op (with a TWIST!)

Although you cannot play with your friends online, fine folks at Koei Tecmo have included couch co-op play, where you and a friend can play the game side by side. However, in place of a traditional split screen, one player uses the gamepad while the other plays on the tv screen. This helps give you a better perspective on your location and the threats you are facing. When you are facing what seems to be an endless field of enemies, it helps to have as much screen space possible to capture that.

This One’s For The Ladies

In a day and age where so many female characters are overlooked, Hyrule Warriors proves once again that women can be formidable warriors. Actually, these ladies of Hyrule make up a sizeable portion of the character roster. Characters like Zelda, Impa, Agitha from Twilight Princess, the infamous Sheik, and several others are featured in Hyrule Warriors. These characters aren’t shoehorned in here either. They have a unique skill set and the ability to bring about a mass-Moblin genocide. And besides the fact that they are women, it’s always been a dream of Zelda fans to see what kind of damage Impa or Sheik would do if they were just let loose.

Something tells me Zelda can hold her own.

Something tells me Zelda can hold her own.

By Zelda Fans, for Zelda Fans

Above all, this is a passion project, developed by lovers of the legend of Zelda series for lovers of the series. This title serves as a celebration of a series that has revolutionized video games, time and time again. The music, the special chime of a hidden wall being blown away, finding a piece of heart – all of these features are included in this game. If you’ve played games in the Zelda series, then you know that these elements add nostalgic warmth to your journey. Sure, Hyrule Warriors’ experience will feel very different from a traditional Zelda game, but in the end, it’s about having a bunch of fun in an environment that feels familiar – almost like coming home – to 100 Bokoblins.


Hyrule Warriors comes out on September 26, 2014, for the Wii U. What are YOUR thoughts on this title? Be sure to leave a comment and let us know!