88 Heroes – 98 Heroes Edition [Switch Review]

Oct 19, 2017


88 Heroes – 98 Heroes Edition is developed by Bitmap Bureau and developed by Rising Star Games

8:08am on the 8th of August, 1988 the evil Dr. H8 brought the world to it’s knees. His demand was for the world to pay $88 octillion within 88 minutes, or he’d unles 88 thermonuclear warheads upon the earth. Unfortunately, all of the best heroes in the world were off dealing with other things, so the only ones to answer the call were…. the 88 heroes, and their ahem..uhm.. “awesome” abilities!

88 Heroes is a platforming game where you need to get your hero from the entrance elevator to the exit elevator before 88 seconds are up. Along the way to that other elevator will be enemies, traps, spikes, holes in the floor to drop you down into the city, and turrets. Luckily (unluckily) for you, your heroes have some abilities that can counteract these security measures. Each time you start a room, or you die, you will be assigned one of the 88 heroes. Each hero has their own abilities, ranging from teleportation, double jumping, shooting, or even flipping a coin that depending on the flip will either kill you, or take you straight to the end fo the level.

Some of my favorite characters have been the snake from… well.. Snake as you can see above, the snake starts slow and moves faster and faster as it keeps going, it can scale the walls and move wherever it wants but it can’t touch anything or else it dies. Rick Roll is probably my favorite, our hero Rick Astley even stars in this, where he can throw his love bombs at enemies, Tommy the Gun is another fun character, an old time gangster with a submachine gun. Each character can either be completely useful or completely useless depending on the level layout and the enemies in it.

While you move through the level you can see Dr 88 watching you, sipping on soda, dealing with his minions, and occasionally yelling at you while you play. It’s a nice touch and I enjoyed watching him zap minions and yell at you when you finish a level.

88 Heroes has a few different modes, such as: The Magnificent 8 (you pick 8 heroes and attempt to beat all 88 levels) Solo (you pick one 1 hero and attempt the impossible! to defeat all 88 levels and Dr 88) and H8 mode (All 88 heroes attempt to get through 8 hardcore levels).

88 Heroes is a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed it, but a few minor complaints could be fixed. Playing in handheld mode can sometimes lead to a smaller screen maing it a lot harder to see what is is just around the corner. It’s frustrating when you die just because there was an enemy just around the edge of the screen you couldn’t see.

The graphics are decent, nothing spectacular, I had no problem playing this game for a long period of time. The sounds in the game were pretty enjoyable, I laughed at some of the sounds the heroes and Dr 88 produced.

I’d give this game a solid 8/10 and would recommend it to anyone. If I had any complaints it’d be that the price is a little steep. I’d say $15 is about the right price for this.


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