A Deep Dive Into The Multiverse – “Superman” #15 (Review)

Jan 18, 2017

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Superman #15
DC Comics

Written By: Peter J Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
Art By: Ryan Sook, Ed Benes, Clay Mann, and Jorge Jimenez

My favorite time of the week has finally arrived when we get a new Superman issue! If you’re loving this title as much as I am, you would know how excited I feel when these drop. This week we have “Multiplicity” Part 2, the continuation of the Multiverse story that surprised us all with it’s arrival. Let’s just right into it and take a look!

The story of this issue continues from last issue with the Multiplicity story and it is still so much fun. Get ready to dive head first into the Multiverse in this issue of Superman as we actually get deep into it. We go to a few of the alternate Earths and see those Earth’s different Leagues of heroes including the Justice League of Assassins and League of Shadows; I loved their cameos here. Superman’s mission is to save as many Supermen from the different Earths as he can, with the help of those alternate Men of Steel, from the Gatherers taking them for the Lyst. The mission keeps you at the edge of your seat since you have no idea how it will end for our heroes. The only complaint I have with this issue is at the end where Superman makes a decision I did not fully agree with. I trust Tomasi and Gleason they will deliver on this decision. I did not have a huge problem with it, it just threw me off a bit.

The art in this issue is amazing, as always. Jorge Jimenez continues to provide the title such beautiful art. What is cool with this issue is that Jimenez provides the art for the core of the issue but when Superman and the others go to the different Earths, the art for those pages are provided by Ryan Sook, Ed Benes, and Clay Mann making those pages feel like we are in a different world. Having different artists work on the other Earths is a smart choice as it gives that visual cue that we are someplace else.

At this point, I think it is safe to say you should be excited every time a Tomasi and Gleason Superman issue comes out because they will never let you down. Superman #15 is awesome and so much fun. The art really compliments the story and is executed flawlessly. This title is away from the Clark and Jon story that I loved from the start of the title but I have no problems with that since the Multiplicity story is highly enjoyable to read.

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