A Game Show From Hell, Literally “Hellevator” (Review)

Oct 19, 2015

Hellevator (GSNTV)
Gameshow Network
Premiers: Wednesday October 21st
Hosted by: Jen Soska and Sylvia Soska (Twisted Twins)


Are you tired of the same old game shows? I know I am. You can only watch a wheel spin so many times before you have had enough. Enter, the sick and twisted minds of the Soska sisters to save your mortal souls for game show boredom. Hellevator is a game show unlike any other, imagine Fear Factor on crack inside a haunted warehouse and under the watchful eye of the devil himself. Your hosts for this fiendishly good time are the aforementioned Soska sisters whose quick and witty banter will leave you laughing, and become a welcoming relief from the horrific things ahead.

The show starts with three people usually friends or relatives entering the Hellevator. Once inside they will be told a frightfully chilling story to get their adrenaline flowing and their imaginations running wild. For their first episode the game masters have chosen a story involving the world’s scariest profession an undertaker. These stories offer a little background on the tasks and horrors the contestants are about to endure.

Once inside the Hellevator there is no turning back, well no turning back alive at least. The game aspect of this show begins as the Hellevator starts its 3 floor decent. On each floor it will stop as one unlucky soul has to exit and complete a task or puzzle. As they walk through the haunted halls and rooms to achieve their goals they will enounter horrifiying obstables. Contestants have a time limit to avoid the ghouls and complete their task before the Hellevator moves on and the contestant becomes consumed by the evil spirits on the floor.

You finally wanted a little blood in your game shows and with Hellevator you get it and plenty of it. When you get the talented team of the Twisted Twins and pair them with ghoulish mastery of Blumhouse Productions you know you will be horrified. I absolutely loved this show and I know you will too.

Hellevator Premiers Wednesday, October 21st of Game Show Network. Check your local listings for more details.

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