A New Breed of Costume – Kids Kigurumi Onesie (Review)

Oct 28, 2015

Mad Cave Studios


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Halloween is my favorite time of the year. I just love everything about it, the candy, the haunted everything, but especially the costumes. My love for Halloween has only increased in recent years as I now have a young daughter to share it with. We love decorating the house with spider webs and all manner of horrific things and of course spend hours carving pumpkins, but if there is anything I do dread about Halloween with the little one its trying to find that perfect costume.

Its start with deciding on what she will be then the craziness begins as we frantically search every pop up Halloween shop in town. Shifting through piles of cheap plastic and itchy fabric and all you can do is pray to god they have the size you are looking for, but usually they don’t. Once you do find that adorable outfit it is usually comprised of cheap and uncomfortable material that has you kid squirming and itching 5 minuets after you put it on. So what happens is end up spending $50 for an outfit you will be lucky to keep on them for more than an hour.

If you are willing to step outside the box and try something different I may have come found a solution to the Halloween costume woes. Kawaii-Kigu.com offers high-quality, comfortable onesies that make great costumes but can also be worn beyond the haunting holiday. For our first Kigurumi onesie we tried the the Kids Pink Unicorn (http://www.kawaii-kigu.com/products/unicorn-kids-onesie).

This onesie offers and cute and whimsical design that my daughter adores. The moment she put it on she immediately jumped into character and started galloping around the house and trying to impale anyone who got in her way with that horn. The costume while cute is also extremely soft and comfortable. Never once did she complain about it itching or irritating her, in fact she will often snuggle with it like a blanket when its not being worn.

Made of 100% fleece this light and airy material makes the onesie extremely comfortable and soft, the exact opposite of most store bought Halloween costumes. Another huge plus is its warm, this may sound minor but other costumes because of the cheap materials are often not enough to keep out the cold October chill. The only complaint I ever got from her was that it was too hot, which means its perfect for those cold fall and winter nights. And that brings me to best thing about these costuming onesie; they can be wore year around. Thanks to their design, comfort and fashion flexibility these onesies are not reserved just for Halloween. They make great costumes but can also act as fun pajamas or just something comfortable to wear while lounging around the house.

Kigurumi Onesies may seem odd at first but after my experience with Kawaii-Kigu.com I will tell you this costume option is definitely worth a look and your cash. For the same price as your typical store bought costume you will get a high quality, comfortable, and cute onesie that can be worn outside of the confines of Halloween. If you are looking for something to feed your need to be pop culture relevant Kawaii-Kigu.com also offers a variety of super hero, video game, and pop culture inspired designs. So next time your struggling to find the ultimate costume for you little one, something that is cute and comfortable but won’t hurt your wallet then Kigurumi Onesies maybe your knight in fluffy fleece.