A return to continuity relevance a “Convergence #6 Review”

May 13, 2015

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COnv 6 CovConvergence #6
DC Comics

Written by: Jeff King & Scott Lobdell
Art by: Ed Benes & Eduarado Pansica

Convergence #6 will be remembered as the issue that returned the book to relevance.  After pondering for weeks on end whether or not this story actually matters in the main DC Continuity, Jeff King aided by Scott Lobdell answered that question with a resounding yes.  The first panel shows us that everything that has happened on Telos is having an impact on the currently named New 52 continuity as Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Martian Manhunter realize that  along with the readers on the opening page.

Conv 6 Splash

Not only do the events that are happening within this story matter to the Justice League, but to the villain’s of the main DCU as Darkseid declares “its time for war”.  Why we don’t know the specifics, what ever is happening here will indeed directly impact Geoff John’s Darkseid War in a major way.  Not only is relevance realized here, but so is scope and scale.  The event’s on Telos have been apparently impacting the main DC continuity so much off camera that Superman, Supergirl, and the Red Lanterns are on the front lines of the conflict as it begins to reach Earth 1.

The experience of Lobdell is on full display here as he seems to reel in ever so slightly any problems that Jeff Conv 6 VarKing had storytelling wise.  This is done by re-establishing the Telos character and positioning Deimos as a somewhat grandiose villain worthy of a major DC event.  As the New 52 heroes prepare for the consequences, the battle lines are drawn on Telos as we have team Telos versus team Deimos in a battle for the heart and soul of the multiverse.  Oh yeah, and for the first time since “Kingdom Come” it appears at the center of that battle will be Superman versus Shazam, need I say anymore?

For those of you that dropped off of “Convergence” maybe in part due to my opinions, i am truly sorry! It appears that the true hero that will rise out of this story is writer Scott Lobdell, as his arrival on the book combined with the sharp house art of Ed Benes and Eduarado Pansica have finally made this book noteworthy.


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