‘A Wrinkle In Time’ Director Ava DuVernay To Helm DC Films ‘The New Gods’

Mar 16, 2018


Today, Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time was released into theaters. While the film may end up bombing at the box office it did mark the very first time a female director of color Ava DuVernay was given keys to a $100+ million dollar film.

Now, Variety is reporting that DuVernay is developing an adaption of Jack Kirby’s The New Gods for DC Films. The New Gods were briefly touched upon in Justice League with Steppenwolf mentioning Darkseid. However, it will be a brand new landscape for the director to play in. With gods from the paradise planet of New Genius going to war with the gods from Apokolips.

The New Gods are natives of the twin planets of New Genesis and Apokolips. New Genesis is an idyllic planet ruled by the Highfather, while Apokolips is a dystopia filled with machinery and fire pits ruled by the tyrant Darkseid. New Genesis and Apokolips call themselves gods, living outside of normal time and space in a realm known as the Fourth World.

The studio is looking fora screenwriter to craft a story alongside DeVernay. There are conflicting reports stating that The New Gods will be set within the DC Extended Universe. While others stating it will be a standalone film.

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The New Gods has no set release date

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