Adam Hart: Stunt Actor In The Suicide Squad Joins The Podcast

Aug 9, 2021

Adam Hart, Stunt Double For Polka-Dot Man In The Suicide Squad joined Pop Culture Corner over the weekend. Adam has been in some of the most well known films in movie history, including Captain America: The first Avenger, Terminator: Salvation, 300: Rise Of an Empire, Captain Marvel, & So many More.

Ty & Adam discuss what it is like to be stunt actor. As well as his life/career doubling for some of the most well known names in Hollywood.

The Pop Culture Corner discusses the latest and greatest in pop culture, as well as interviewing the people who spend their time making the movies and television series we love. Adam Hart Is also a Stunt Coordinator and Coordinated in The Revenant and Blade Runner 2049.

As a Stunt actor, Adam has doubled and continues to work directly with Ryan Gosling, and Christian Bale, and is a huge fan of the game Dungeons And Dragons. Adam also coordinated on The Mandalorian. He tells a funny story about the volume, where they shoot the series on a new technology created specifically for the series.

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