Adam Strange is Coming to the SYFY series Krypton

Sep 15, 2017

Casting news continues to come in as new and returning shows are set to come back to television.


SYFY has decided to add some known DC Comics superheroes to their new Superman prequel series Krypton. One of the rumors about the show was that two members of the Justice League would travel back in time to help Superman’s grandfather uncover the mystery that is affecting the House of El and ultimately erasing Superman from existence. While this hasn’t been confirmed, what has been confirmed is that the network has cast actor Shaun Sipos in the role of superhero Adam Strange in the series.


Adam Strange is a human who has been transported to the planet Rann and protects the planet and its people from global and intergalactic threats. In the series, Strange will be transported to Krypton to help and mentor Superman’s grandfather.


Shaun Sipos is known for his roles in films like Final Destination 3 and Rampage along with recurring roles on series like The Vampire Diaries.

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