Adam’s Top 5 Comic Covers for 2/24/16

Feb 22, 2016

Mad Cave Studios


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Welcome back everyone! I’ve gathered up five more comic book covers that I feel are the cream of the crop. This week’s featured covers come from a variety of publishers and has a very cool cover swipe in the midst. So without further ado, lets get to the covers!


podtsl 10 (Medium)#5. Postal #10
Top Cow Productions
Written by: Bryan Edward Hill
Art by: Isaac Goodhart
Cover by: Linda Sejic

I’ve only read the first issue of Postal, but I’ve always wanted to read more about the town of prisoners. Its a very interesting premise and it usually has some great covers. This issue is no exception. Sejic does a fantastic tribute to the art style of Norman Rockwell. While Rockwell captured that small town America feel, Sejic is doing a humorous approach to the darker tone of the town of Eden. I even like the little footnote on the cover with the nod to Rockwell.




dk3 3 (Medium)#4. Dark Knight III: Master Race #3
DC Comics
Written by: Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello
Art by: Andy Kubert
Variant Cover by: Greg Capullo

DK3 seems to be getting more variants each issue than any other comic series has. While I haven’t been a fan of many of them, the exception being the DK3 #1 Ivan Reis cover, this one jumps out at me. I love the throwback to the earlier Dark Knight story with the Joker and his deadly doll. Capullo truly knows how to capture the Joker and proves it once again with this cover. There is also a black and white sketch variant of this cover, but I truly feel it stands out more with the coloring, especially all those shades of green.





street fighter x gi joe 1 (Medium)#3. Street Fighter X G.I. Joe #1
IDW Publishing
Written by: Aubrey Sitterson
Art by: Emilio Laiso
Variant Cover by: Matt Waite

Cross over comics seem to be something every fan loves. IDW has been making some great cross over titles with titles like Batman/TMNT and TMNT/Ghostbusters. Now they’re throwing the classic video game Street Fighter into the mix. I’m a huge fan of pixel art and this cover emulates that perfectly. I also like that it’s a throwback to the original Guile stage from Street Fighter II. I can almost here Guile’s theme play as I stare at this cover….




an ad avengers (Medium)#2. All New All Different Avengers #6
Marvel Comics
Written by: Mark Waid
Art by: Mahmud A. Asrar
Cover by: Alex Ross

Alex Ross is an amazing artist. His works are stunning and incredibly realistic. For All New All Different Avengers #6, Ross recaptured the classic cover of the first appearance of the Vision from Avengers #57. He almost perfectly recreates the whole scene with Vision ominously towering over the other Avengers while they try to fight back. This is probably my favorite cover from the series thus far and I can’t wait to see what other masterpieces Ross delivers.




deaths head 6 (Medium)#1. Death Head #6
Dark Horse
Written by: Zack Keller and Nick Keller

Art by: Joanna Estep
Cover by: E. M. Gist

Two weeks in a row a dark and terrifying cover has graced the #1 spot. Having not read Death Head, I can only try to imagine what is going on in this scene. All of the masked individuals wear the classic plague doctor mask, which was a beak-like mask filled with aromatic items. Perhaps this is some dark council that is overseeing the start of a plague or something worse. Whatever is happening, Gist has made a captivating image. It paints a bleak image and screams of secrecy and ill means.



As usual, narrowing the list down to five covers was tough, but I feel these titles really stood out. Will a bright and colorful cover dethrone these dark and macabre artworks? Only the future can tell! What other covers have caught your attention this week? Have they led to any new favorite books? We’d love to hear from you! Let me know if I missed any other cool comic covers. Until next time everybody, keep reading those comics!