Adam’s Top 5 Comic Covers for 3/9/16

Mar 8, 2016

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Its that time again! Time to look at the best comic book covers for March 9, 2016. Last week featured a diverse group of publishers and I feel this week reflects that as well. Especially our first entry on the list.

power button 0 (Medium)#5. Power Button #0
Alternative Comics
Written and Art by: Zack Soto
Cover by: Zack Soto

Well. This is quite the image. An eyeball shooting pink lightning at a robot that may or may not be exploding. What? Even though the art style is a bit rough, it kind of looks like a 12 year old drew it, it definitely made me stop and stare. From the Midtown Comics description Power Button:

“The beginning of a brand new science fiction adventure series by Zack Soto (The Secret Voice). In this issue, we meet Adatra, one of the illustrious Omega Knights, and learn of her life-long battle with the Galactic Horde Empire! Aliens! Apocalypse! Mega Battles! Monsters! Pathos! Cool Space Armor! A Study Group production.”

Okay, it even sounds like it may be written by a 12 year old. At any rate, the cover is definitely eye catching and worthy of note.

gutter magic 3 (Medium)#4. Gutter Magic #3
IDW Publishing
Written by: Rich Douek
Art by: Brett Barkley
Variant Cover by: Joe Eisma

Gutter Magic is a very interesting mini-series. While I haven’t had the opportunity to read the second issue yet, I’m still pretty excited to get the third. Gutter Magic #3’s variant cover is quite magical. I enjoy the image of the character levitating in place while beginning to cast some sort of spell. Magic users usually look so cool in comics because of the various effects they add to them when casting spells. I love the glistening halo of runes behind her as she prepares her incantation. This is definitely a variant I’m going to keep an eye out for.

action comics 50 (Medium)#3. Action Comics #50
DC Comics
Written by: Greg Pak & Aaron Kuder
Art by: Aaron Kuder
Cover by: Aaron Kuder

Lightning and glowing light seems to be a trend on the list this week. This time we see Superman crashing out of, what I’m assuming, the Fortress of Solitude as lightning crashes around him and explodes his home. Of course flying through it probably didn’t help the matter any. Do you think Progressive has any Kryptonian insurance policies to help Kal-El out?

I like how this image captures the power and speed of Superman. The classic red blur of his cape as he flies away and the strength to power through the crystals. Just classic Superman.

spider gwen 6 (Medium)#2. Spider-Gwen #6
Marvel Comics
Written by: Jason Latour
Art by: Robbi Rodriguez
Cover by: Robbi Rodriguez

I don’t know what it is about Spider-Gwen, but I love the character design. Its just so sleek and cool looking. Rodriguez’s minimalist cover still manages to convey the look that I adore. Plus, any time I can get that iconic image of Captain America’s shield is a bonus to me. Even though the color scheme seems to have a harsh contrast, Rodriguez is still able to bring it all together and make a fantastic looking comic book cover.

asm 9 (Medium)#1. Amazing Spider-Man #9
Marvel Comics
Written by: Dan SlottArt by: Matteo Buffagni
Variant Cover by: Tula Lotay

Marvel has been running a variant cover series lately called “Women of Power”. Each issue has featured various Marvel heroes and villains, but this is the first one to really grab me in. I’ve always been a huge Black Cat fan, and the cover Lotay has drawn looks amazing.

A Spider-Man title took the #1 spot last week and another one has done it again. Is this the start of a new trend!? Make sure to stop by next week to see what other new covers are making the rounds. Until then, keep reading those comics!