The Adventures of Aero-Girl #1 Review

Jun 7, 2014

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Aero Girl coverThe Adventures of Aero-Girl  #1

Written & Illustrated by: Dewayne Feenstra, Axur Eneas, Adm Wollet, and Juan Pablo Riebling

The Adventures of Aero-Girl is described as “a girl with a jetpack and a super gorilla sidekick,” but it’s a whole lot girl 3

The team of Dewayne Feenstra, Axur Eneas, Adam Wollet and Juan Pablo Riebling have created a family-friendly story that is still action-packed and beautifully rendered. Think of a G-rated Hit-Girl and you’ll get the spirit of the book. Feenstra creates a grounded relationship between our heroine Jacqueline MacKenzie and her family. Her dad the brave champion of the city known as Battle Jack, recipient of the Battle Spirit that empowers him, mentors his young daughter and sidekick to her mom’s chagrin.

Tragically, her dad is vanquished by the evil Dr. Chimera leaving the family and city of Foxbay to mourn their champion and give rise to Aero-Girl and her new ally, the new recipient of the Battle Spirit, a gorilla.

As dour as it could sound the book reverberates with energy and color and most of all the infectious enthusiasm of justice from Aero-Girl herself. A great example of confidence and sense of duty in the face of tragedy. It really is a gorgeous book and worth a look from parents and adults alike.

If you enjoyed The Adventures of Aer0-Girl please go fund the creators next project The Adventures of Aero-Girl: A Girl and her Gorilla NOW!