Agents of Shield 3.2: In-Machine

Oct 8, 2015

“A Hebrew warning, carved in an English castle, struck me as odd, out of place,
something ancient.”- Professor Elliot Randolph


Episode two, Purpose in the Machine, revolves around our team determined to figure out what exactly the Kree monolith does. Fitz discovers sand from another world, which leads them to recruit, known Asgardian, Professor Elliot Randolph (Guest Star Peter MacNicol). Then they trace the monolith’s whereabouts throughout history, leading them to an ancient English castle. Inside they discover a hidden passageway that contains a very special apparatus. “This machine was designed to control it, to open and close it at will,” explains Fitz. The writers do a good job constructing this episode around Jemma’s rescue mission. After ending the previous episode with Fitz’s breakdown against the monolith, there’s a sense of urgency, in the mission. In addition, this main plot thematically services sub plots as Daisy continues to try to enlist inhumans for her task force, and Grant recruits a hydra legacy. There’s always a reason for someone to join an organization, just like how every machine has a purpose.

“I want inhumans taking action with shield to see that being different can mean making a difference.”- Daisy Johnson
Dr. Andrew Garner (Guest Star Blair Underwood) returns to evaluate Joey’s ability to join Daisy’s team. Unfortunately for Daisy, just like all the times before, Dr. Garner cannot recommend Joey for the task force at this time. This leads to an argument that evolves into a therapy session between Dr. Garner and Daisy. Through this exchange there’s a clear sense of purpose that she feels by being both an inhuman and shield agent. This storyline mirrors Melinda May’s, as we discover that she’s been taking care of her father in Arizona. I really do like Agent May’s character, she’s a badass, but her storyline caused some pacing problems in the episode. The scenes between Agent May and her father dragged on, causing the story to come to a halt at certain points. Ultimately, May takes Hunter up on his offer to go after Ward, but we could of gotten to that payoff quicker, and spent a little more time with Daisy. After all, she’s the key to unlocking the monolith, as she uses her powers to create the vibrations that cause it to liquefy into a portal, holds the gateway open long enough for Fitz to rescue Gemma, and then destroys the monolith. Then again she’s an inhuman, “I haven’t heard that word in a very long time,” says Professor Randolph. This insinuates that inhumans are only a new being on this planet, not in the galaxy. Now if we only knew what the purpose was for creating inhumans; all in due time.images-1

“Oh, I can assure you, I have a very interesting family.”- Werner von Strucker

Daisy’s still in the dark about her inhuman family heritage, but this can no longer be said for Werner von Strucker. Why does that name sound familiar? Well, his father, Wolfgang von Strucker, spoke about “the age of miracles,” at the end of Winter Soldier. Then quickly met his demise during opening sequence in Age of Ultron. Werner now has a new father figure in his life, the double agent himself, Mr. Grant Ward. In comparison with Melinda May’s sub plot, Grant’s storyline worked in conjunction with the others. We are shown his merciless recruitment methods as he speeds through an abandon garage, dodging potential new members, as if they were cones on a road. Then he gathers up some men, as they imagesproceed to kidnap a trust-fund kid, Alexander, on a boat. After, Alexander brutally attacks his torturer and reveals his name to be Werner von Strucker, we realize this sets up a bigger story arc. After last season, we knew that Grant would be rebuilding Hydra, but now Werner von Strucker is enrolled in one of Dr. Garner’s classes. Ward’s Hydra is definitely full steam ahead.

Jemma is now safely on the Quinn-jet, but there’s sure to be a flashback heavy episode later this season, revealing her time on the foreign planet. Where’s Lash? He might have answers about Jemma’s summer home, as well as, Daisy’s heritage.  Hopefully, Agent May and Hunter will disrupt any plan Ward has for Dr. Garner. Why does Grant keep going after agent May’s loved ones? So, many more questions, after watching an episode about answers, but that’s its purpose.

By Sarah Belmont
Featured Writer

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