Agents of Shield Recap 3×01: In-Law

Oct 2, 2015

“The laws of nature have changed and until the laws of man change to reflect that, we can only do what feels right.”-Rosalind Price

images-1Well, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season three certainly feels right.   Remember how season two ended with the Terrigan crystals being dropped into the ocean, hence contaminating an entire ecosystem? Welcome to the new world, filled with emerging inhumans. Meet Joey, a man struggling to control his emerging powers-sound familiar? His storyline is used to remind viewers about Skye’s struggle last season. Awe, finally able to refer to Skye as Daisy, and all is right in the world. Well, Coulson seems to be still holding on to Skye, but that will be addressed at a later time. Back to Joey…enter our kickass inhuman heroine, Daisy Johnson and her team (Hunter and Mack), as they apprehend Joey from being captured by an unknown organization.

This episode is divided into three storylines: Coulson trying to track down the ATCU (Advanced Threat Containment Unit) leader; Mack and Daisy working with Joey on coming to terms with his new reality (then Lincoln a little later); Fitz’s renegade mission to unlock the Kree Monolith. These three threads are woven harmoniously together as we check in with the team and set up story lines for the season. Plus there’s an entire action sequence with Daisy, Lincoln, Mack all battling Lash; a deadly inhuman killing all those changed by the Terrigan crystals. This is not only a setup for Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. season three, but, remember, Marvel intends to release an Inhumans movie in 2019.imgres-2

“Let’s both agree that we both enjoy a good secret. Although mine do appear to be more old hat, next to yours.”-Rosalind Price

Now my favorite moment in the episode is Coulson confronting the ATCU leader, Rosalind Price, on a subway train. Oh, don’t forget Hunter was there too…I love their bromance.  Anyways, the dialogue exchanged between Coulson and Price finally hit that sweet entertaining campy-spy high note. “Wait, is this still KGB banter, or are we being honest all of a sudden,” questions Coulson.  After two seasons, I finally feel like the writers found the show’s voice.  There are still those one-liners found in the Marvel Studios films, but it isn’t as heavy handed as in previous seasons. Just as the storyline evolves into an over-arching Inhumans arc, the series makes progress towards becoming a covert spy show within the superhero genera.

“Team’s falling a part enough as it is, we don’t want anymore trouble.”-Mack

images-3Too bad for Mack and his team, only trouble is in store for anyone on a TV show.  After Coulson and Price realize that the other is not killing new inhumans, it seems likely that they will form an alliance against Lash (and his possible followers). Meanwhile, we will watch Daisy lead a team of “secret warriors” on apprehending emerging inhumans, and trying to convince Lincoln to join her crew. Bobbi and Hunter shared a nice ending moment, as he gives her back, her wedding ring. Then Hunter vowed to track down Ward for vengeance, leading their storyline to the inevitable backdoor pilot for their spinoff series. Finally, we see Fitz breakdown both mentally and physically, after Coulson asks him to come to terms with Simmons’ death. Wait. Remember, “The laws of nature have changed,” so Simmons can’t really be dead, right? Exactly, as we are teased with Simmons running through a deserted wasteland…scratch that a moon. Yep, Simmons was swallowed by an ancient Kree artificat and transported to a planet far, far, away. Where are the Guardians of the Galaxy when you need them? Stay tuned.

By Sarah Belmont
Featured Writer

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