A’int Gonna Hurt Nobody

Aug 10, 2022


Lost in Play Cvr

Whether “at” or “in”, kid plus play equals a good time; even a Class Act. Featuring a hype duo – one who is overly hyper and has the outlook that life could – and should – be a dream. Embracing each moment believing the best is yet to come. As their day begins they could let it just any other day; suppose that would be alright. But instead of choosing to lose a day it is much more fun to get Lost in Play. This funny, heart felt, feel good game is a reminder to make an amazing adventure out of each and everyone your days.

Lost In Play

Publisher: Joystick Ventures

Developer: Happy Juice Games

Available On: Nintendo Switch; Microsoft Windows; Macintosh operating system

So how can you avoid sacrificing even all the play you can have each day? When does play begin? According to the team over at Happy Juice Games play begins before your day, or game, even starts. So Lost in Play features rolling credits as it’s opening. – you’ve probably seen it before. Maybe it was in a television show or movie but it is when the stars of the broadcast start the show while the opening credits are rolling. Sometimes titles simply flash on the screen. Other times they can get really interactive, like having a door shut to reveal the show’s front-runner’s name on it. Now, if you’ve seen the types of scenes I am describing then which do you prefer, which is more fun? Yeah, that is what it is like to get Lost in Play. And the game starts this way for a pretty good reason.

Lost in Play footage

When you wake up ready to say, I think I’ll make a snappy new day

Fred Rogers, Mister Rogers Neighborhood

If you aren’t familiar with the show or song it’s okay, the hope is that you get the message. As important as a breakfast of Trix cereal may be, it is also crucial to begin your day with intent. Bet you never knew Mister Rogers Neighborhood was teaching modern manifestation methods; I did.

Game Play?

So your first actual gameplay takes place in a dream. You start out as Gal, the younger of the two siblings in Lost in Play. Even though you play as both characters, I have to admit the title most aptly fits this redheaded ruckus causer. Gal is constantly at play while her older brother, Toto, just wants her to get lost. This may be due the the fact that her waking imagination is a reflection of her dreaming one – which is quite eccentric.

This dreamscape invites players to understand how play-ing Lost in Play works. Instead of your traditional puzzler-platformer, this is puzzler-point and clicker. Similar to the games some of you may not like; the hidden object games. Those games where, some may argue, there is no real action. Making them feel like work complete with the slow and unresponsive click/selection. Well, Lost in Play proves how you can solve that problem. Most point and clickers are all about the “hidden”. But what if you found all the items and then got to make a mask to scare your older brother – that might be kinda fun? Lost in Play is about the overlooked aspect – the playfulness.

Gal, and all the other characters are cartoon animations. While most of Matt Groening‘s material is mature, the characters from his shows have an anima-humanistic quality all ages can enjoy- they are somewhere between court room sketches and complete caricatures. The characters, background music and sound FX in Lost in Play are active and lively – so even as you puzzle away you remain entertained and amused. Something on the screen, even a small set piece, is moving and therefore keeping you engaged; at play.

Along with the traditional locate, then interact back and forth you might find in other point and click games, Lost in Play is full of puzzle play. All the rainy day, dentist office Highlights magazine, activity book games are here. These strategy games and fun little brain games will leave you bursting with enjoyment as you tackle them – there are slightly tricky ones. What makes Lost in Play wonderful is how it combines the 90’s mindset that you can digitize any game with the kindergarten concept that you can make anything fun.

As the siblings head out the door, their wild imaginative play collides with the real world. No one said an adventure was going to be easy. Or that it would not get a bit frightening. Happy Juice Games squeezes in all the action and adventure it can, giving games something really sweet; with nothing artificial only adorable. Simply good. Some of the zany wackiness may seem over the top – even slightly offensive if you’re too old for light toilet humor. A diaper wearing fairy gnome or unintelligible – possibly profanity laced – language of a gremlin may offend you. But I gotta wonder then William if you have ever had a day of fun in your whole life? When facing decisions along your path, instead of letting way lead on to way, allow every choice you make to lead you to get Lost in Play.

Score: 9.8