Alan Tudyk boards DC’s ‘Doom Patrol’ as the villainous Mr. Nobody

Aug 31, 2018

Alan Tudyk is here to take your sanity as Mr. Nobody. 

According to Deadline, Tudyk has joined the upcoming DC Universe series ‘Doom Patrol’ as the main villain Mr. Nobody, aka Eric Morden. You can read the description for the character below.

After exposure to unknown experiments by ex-Nazis in post-war Paraguay, the man formerly known as Eric Morden emerges as a living shadow able to drain the sanity of others as the enigmatic, and totally insane, Mr. Nobody.

Casting is underway for the Nazi ‘Von Fuchs’, That Hashtag Show recently revealed. The role of Fuchs is described as a German cobbler living in Paraguay who is secretly conducting experiments on people, which includes Morden.

‘Doom Patrol’ is hailing from Berlanti Productions and Jeremy Carver. Described as a re-imagining of the classic comic book series, the show will star Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane, Brendan Fraser as Robotman, Joivan Wade as Cyborg, and April Bowlby as Elasti-Woman. Casting has yet to be announced, but Kelsey Grammar is rumored to be in talks for the lead role of The Chief. Production is expected to begin sometime this fall.

Source: Deadline


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