‘Alien: Isolation’ 7-Episode Digital Series Will Release on IGN Tomorrow, February 28

Feb 27, 2019

At long last, we now know what’s been brewing in the ‘Alien’ universe over the past month. IGN will release an expanded and remade version of the video game ‘Alien: Isolation,’ in the form of a 7 episode digital series.

HN Entertainment gave the first report of a couple ‘Alien’ series in development. However, their report of two live-action television series do not apply here. (Keep in mind, one series is planning on coming to Hulu, with Ridley Scott producing.)

But, Observer got the scoop on the ‘Isolation’ remake earlier this month. Now, we have the full details.

As the ‘Alien’ franchise turns 40 this year, IGN made the announcement that they will exclusively launch the ‘Alien: Isolation’ digital series.

The premise of the series is below:

“It’s been fifteen years since Amanda Ripley’s mother disappeared aboard the deep space towing ship Nostromo. And for fifteen years, Amanda has suspected there was more to her mother’s story than meets the eye.”

Check out the trailer!

Moreover, IGN gave the rundown on the process that went into making this series:

“This new digital series takes the cutscenes from ‘Alien: Isolation’ and not so much as expands on them but creates a new animation experience to add additionally layers to the story of Ellen Ripley’s daughter. The goal was to offer new depth to a story that many gamers would have already experienced in 2014’s release, and also tell the story in a newly accessible way for those who haven’t.

Fox worked with developers and production partners Reverse Engineering Studios and DVgroup to create this new series, which includes a combination of brand-new scenes that are rendered from scratch, cinematics that are taken directly from the game, and first-person scenes from the game that were re-shot and edited for this new telling of Amanda Ripley’s story.”

Tomorrow, February 28, all seven episodes will be available on the IGN website and YouTube channel, at 9am PT/12pm ET.

Source: IGN, Observer and HN Entertainment