Feb 23, 2022


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Some people may say a good indication a characters made it is when you get your solo series. Others may argue it’s when they have a cinematic or screen presence. For me a character is top tier when they start to have their own gallery. A collection of allies and/or adversaries that they have met and are a chapter in their journey. It’s hard to say for certain if the villain Carol faces may not turn into a long term enemy. What Vox does learn in the pages of Captain Marvel # 36 is that you mess with one Marvel you mess with the whole family.

Captain Marvel # 36
The Last of the Marvels: Part Five

Marvel Comics

Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist: Sergio Davila
Inkers: Sean Parsons w/ Roberto Poggi
Colorist: Erick Arciniega
Letters: VC’s Clayton Cowles

The issue opens with Carol and her assembled allies facing off against the Black Suits, who are under the command of Vox Supreme. When you read guest appearance issues the one thing that is always interesting is how seamlessly the participants meld. You may wonder why this character was in an issue, only to realize the writer just wanted to use them. But Carol is different. She has been so many things within the Marvel Universe. As part of Earth and the skies (Air Force and higher) she has done what few characters do. In a manner she has lived in two worlds. So to see Avengers, Guardians and those Marvels should impress upon readers what a truly storied history Danvers holds.

Oh Captain, My Binary

The battle that takes place seems less about beating Vox and more focused on Captain Marvel’s capabilities. First while some Avengers known to be expert strategists are present, specifically T’Challa and Tony, it is Carol taking the lead. This feat is even more impressive when you realize this woman leads so many male leaders. Captain, Quill, and when even Emperor Hulking shows up they are all there for her to command. Carol does an amazing job leading despite her depleted powers. The new Binary is an interesting development, since their powers are tied . I’m not sure if “she” has a future of her own.

During their final(?) confrontation, Vox and Carol converse on his comments about her “worthiness”. They both know she is not the first to use the name. She may not even the most fit to use the name. Teddy could claim all ownership of Mar-Vell’s legacy if that’s the case. Mar-Vell, much like Captain, Thor and Iron Man, are cornerstone’s of the Marvel Universe, but as Carol suggests it’s more than just DNA. To be a Marvel is about being something more. We see that with this collective. It’s only unfortunate the masses refuse to allow us that chance with other heroes.

Interestingly, my first encounters with Carol was as Binary. I missed her in the Avengers so the adventures with the X-Men against the Brood were how we met. One thing she showed during that stint was her ability to make the most out of what happens to her. She has overcome alcoholism, losing her powers and numerous alien experiments. She has taken up the mantle and passed it on. Each time she simply comes back to prove she can go further.

Score: 8.4