All Out of Love in “Ms. Marvel #15” — REVIEW

May 14, 2015

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Ms Marvel 15Ms. Marvel #15
Marvel Comics

Writer: G. Willow Wilson
Art: Takeshi Miyazawa


Or, how I felt after last month’s Ms. Marvel, where we saw suspiciously Cool Guy Kamran sweep her off her feet, into his car, and then unwillingly into a Lineage-controlled New Attilan. This month’s issue #15 resolves the most unsavory portions of this new plot (to my delight) and ends on a startling bit of news that still makes me wonder if any of this will truly come to a close before Ms. Marvel’s “Last Days.”

This issue is a fun bit of speedy exposition. Some very unsavory dialogue about “who will believe” that Kamala didn’t want him to kidnap her given that she “willingly” got into his car reveals him to be even more of a big time creeper than initially anticipated, and with any luck marks the end of any wayward romantic storyline between Kamala and Kamran. “Morally ambiguous entanglements” is sometimes a fun trope, but in Ms. Marvel it felt out of place and Kamran’s charm was swiftly marred by his smarm.

Kamala’s brawl with her ex-potential-beau is a highlight of the issue, as is Bruno’s involvement in her escape from New Attilan. I love their friendship and it seems to me that her relationship with Bruno (whatever it is) will be central to how she decides to navigate the new Inhuman political landscape. I’m intrigued by her InhumanMr mar 15 VAR background, enough to make me want to catch up on recent goings-on in other Inhumans titles, and I hope we see this continue to play out even through Secret Wars — especially since it seems there are other new Inhumans lurking about with some surprising connections to Kamala.

This is a solid installment, made better for making it clear that Kamran’s bad behavior will not be forgiven in the face of Kamala’s crush. With any luck, turn in next month for news about a new Inhuman on the block with an unusual connection to our intrepid heroine!

TL;DR: Did you know Kamala’s related to many Inhumans? Lineage did. WHICH ONES DO I MEAN? WHO IS LINEAGE? AREN’T ALL INHUMANS RELATED? Answers to these questions, but also more questions, in Ms. Marvel #15. Read this book.