The Amazing Spider-Man #1 (Marvel)

May 1, 2014

Mad Cave Studios


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Spidey is back and he’s more naked than ever! That’s right – April 30th saw the return of Spider-Man following the events of the Superior Spider-Man story line. Caution fans of the wall-crawler; spoilers ahead!

Amazing-Spider-Man-1-CoverPeter Parker has regained control of his body, once occupied by Doctor Otto Octavius. Peter has awoken to a world much different than how he left it. New York once again knows Spidey as a menace. Someone who killed, occupied the city with spider-drones with facial recognition, and was not particularly “friendly” to his neighbors. Peter, now CEO of Parker Industries, is forced to  deal with the aftermath of Otto and the relationships he built.  And the bomb-shell near the end is one of the best cliffhangers I’ve read in comics. Peter has a new woman in his life that Otto genuinely loved. Peter, not one to hurt another person, is beginning to realize the position he’s in with a woman he now shares an apartment with! It’s fantastic and really humanizes the superhero.

Despite the fantastic story arch being built and the solid artwork, this issue will be known forever as the one where Spidey gets naked and swings around the city in nothing but his mask, and some webbing-underwear. I’m not particularly fond of this. It’s over-sexualized and completely unnecessary. If you’re wondering how it happened, there is a villain within a New B level super group that has the power to control threads. So she removes Peter’s suit but Spidey stops her before she gets to his mask. It’s weird and doesn’t affect the plot at all.

I feel greatness coming from this new series. Stay tuned here for a recap of each issue!