‘American Girl’ Live-Action Film In Development From Mattel & MGM

Feb 15, 2019

Yet another Mattel product is getting adapted for a live-action feature film: ‘American Girl.’ The movie is based on the popular doll brand that has been going since 1986, and has MGM developing the movie.

However, this is actually the second attempt at a film version of the brand. New Line previously made ‘Kit Kittredge: An American Girl,’ in 2008, with Abigail Breslin. Also, it is currently unclear if the story will focus on one or several doll characters.

Mattel has recently been taking advantage of their IPs, and have a few more movies in the works. With Warner Bros. in particular, two live-action feature films are in development: ‘Hot Wheels’ and ‘Barbie,’ the latter with Margot Robbie producing and starring.

The next film for Mattel is Sony’s upcoming ‘Masters of the Universe’ reboot. While it currently has a release date of December 18, it will most likely receive a push into 2020. This is due to the fact it won’t start filming until July 15.

There is no crew, filming dates, or release date for MGM’s ‘American Girl.’

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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