American Horror Story Season 7 Revealed at SDCC

Jul 21, 2017


At San Diego Comic Con, Ryan Murphy, creator of the awesome anthology series “American Horror Story” revealed what the title of the seventh season would be, and us fans learned it to be “Cult.”

It was already leaked that the new season would revolve around the 2016 presidential election, but now we know it revolves around the events that happened during the election, and everything is purely fictional.  A teaser trailer has been released on the FX Network YouTube channel. Check it out below if you haven’t already.


The clowns are back. Not Twisty grade clown from “American Horror Story: Freakshow,” but don’t these clowns seem… familiar? Remember the killer clown phase back in 2016? It appears these clowns have banded together to form…

…wait for it…

… a cult!

The voiceover is creepy enough, saying that they can fix you. It also asks if you’re afraid.

Yes, damn it! Yes, I’m afraid! Why is there a creepy clown cult?! Bees also make an appearance in other trailers, as well as the beehive comb icon for the season. I am not sure as to what this has to do with the cult or the clowns, but if you were in a cult… I would think swallowing bees may be considered for an initiation ritual, eh?

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In American Horror Story fashion, they want the audience to be immersed, so what do they do? Create a website purely for this season, the AHS Experience. If you click on the link you are welcomed with a black screen. There’s nothing there. But if you look at the link it ends with “week one.” Is this our initiation into this cult? Is this the bag over our heads? Will the bag be lifted in week two and reveal more clues into what this Cult actually is?

Check out the website to check it out:

We can only wait and see, but judging from all the past seasons of this show, I can promise one thing…

We are in for one heck of a ride.

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