Another Excellent ‘Old Republic’ Cinematic Trailer; Why Isn’t Tim Miller Making ‘Star Wars’ Films?

Oct 12, 2016


A lot of people are unaware that Deadpool director Tim Miller is actually behind some of the most exciting video game cinematic trailers in the industry (via his studio Blur). It’s made Blur the go-to company for interesting cinematic trailers.

Clearly, the ones that usually standout the most are from the Star Wars: Old Republic games.

The newest trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of The Eternal Throne, gives us yet another exciting new piece to the Star Wars universe and that could be an original avenue for future anthology films.


screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-5-27-15-pmWhile I think it would be amazing to see Miller dedicate his directing career to X-Men films, I’d rather see him eventually branch-out and give us something like an original Star Wars film. The Old Republic timeline is perfect for this, as you wouldn’t need to tie these stories or characters to the original trilogy and allow for some authentically new storytelling.

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To answer our own header question, obviously he’s busy with Deadpool 2‘s shoot next year. Although, we’d love to see him take a break from X-Men for just a little while.

Miller has proven with his action work in Deadpool, he could make an interesting looking Star Wars film. Considering Lucasfilm hired the guys behind 21 Jump Street to write and direct Han Solo, I don’t think this a crazy notion to have.

We know that Lucasfilm has multiple anthology films in the works beyond Rogue One, Han Solo and possibly even Boba Fett. Miller would be an excellent candidate for things like Fett or an Obi Wan solo film. There also plenty of chatting going on at the studio, about plans beyond those characters and future films could finally be original stories.

However, it would be nice if we got off the nostalgia train for a couple of films and attempted a new direction for a couple of films. Miller being an interesting to voice to help craft that Old Republic world having prior experience bringing it to life.

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Sure, it’s risky, but at this point with the main saga films adding mega-surplus to the company, Lucasfilm and Disney can afford it. I also think fans are ready for something new and fresh from these films, outside of connections to the originals via plots and character nods.

Here is another Old Republic trailer made by Miller and Blur that ties into this new one, you can almost see this already having feature film potential. Miller is seemingly making his own short film with these cinematic trailers at this point.

What do you think, should Tim Miller make a string of Star Wars: The Old Republic films?


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