Another New Film Added to DCEU Slate with Lego Batman Movie Director Attached

Feb 23, 2017

In a move that signals that Warner Brothers and DC Films are nowhere close to slowing down, it was announced today that another title would be added to the growing DCEU slate of films and they already have a director in place with experience in the DC Universe. 


The Hollywood Reporter and SlashFilm are both reporting that Warner Brothers has tapped Lego Batman Movie director Chris McKay to helm a solo Nightwing film written by Bill Dubuque (The Accountant). This could mean an interesting tonal shift is coming to the DCEU films with a director and writer with unique vision and, in McKay’s case, a history with the characters.


Nightwing is the current moniker of former and original Robin, Dick Grayson. The character was introduced in Detective Comics #38 in April 1940 as a sidekick to Batman. An expert gymnast and acrobat, Grayson lost his parents after a mafia connected hitman tries to extort the circus that he and his parents performed and lived in. Adopted by Bruce Wayne as his ward, Dick Grayson trains and eventually becomes the first Robin. As he gets older and has more contentious interactions with Batman, he eventually decides to become his own man, putting away the sidekick persona and becoming Nightwing.


A Nightwing film could definitely find its place in the current DCEU. There was just a shot of the uniform in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and it signaled that there was a richer story underneath, specifically dealing with the Robin character.

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