Another X-Men Character Confirmed for Fox Series Gifted

Mar 11, 2017

Two recently released news items emerged today regarding the newest Fox series in the X-Men universe and both are revealing for different reasons.


According to and IGN, Blair Redford (Switched at Birth) will be taking on the role of Thunderbird on the series. This was confrimed via a tweet from actress Natalie Lind who is cast in the series as Lauren. She tweeted a picture of the cast with the character names above them.


Thunderbird is familiar to X-Men fans because he was a member of the X-Men who was killed during an early mission. How this will be handled on the show is anyone’s guess.


Thunderbird is a trained armed/unarmed combatant with superhuman strength, speed, agility and stamina. He also has enhanced senses that allow him to track almost anything or anyone.


The second piece of news is that there is a title for the series. The series will be titled “Gifted“. One can assume that this is an homage to the home of the X-Men the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. The series is still in pre-production but the pilot has been written by showrunner Matt Nix. The series will be produced by Jeph Loeb, Lauren Shuler Donner, Simon Kinberg and Bryan Singer, who will direct the first episode.

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Deron Generally