ANVIL: Vault Breakers First Look

Sep 30, 2021

Announced at the Tokyo Game Show, Seoul based game studio Action Square brings ANVIL: Vault Breakers. A top-down sci-fi roguelike action shooter releasing late 2021.

Action Square other games include the award winning game Blade, Blade II and Blade of Three Kingdoms.

ANVIL: Vault Breakers Press Release

In ANVIL: Vault Breakers, you’ll explore various galaxies. Each one is crawling with grotesque threats from aliens and monsters. Battle through them in an attempt to locate relics and artifacts from fabled Vaults. You work for the Ancient Vault Investigation Lab (ANVIL) in a team of “Breakers” who seek “Vaults,” the remnants of alien civilizations that have been scattered throughout the universe. Venture through galaxies, containing random planets and unique boss monsters you need to defeat in order to locate the surreptitious Vaults.

ANVIL, Vault, Breakers

In ANVIL you grow as a Vault Breaker as you gain EXP during every battle. The EXP you gain will enhance your strength and provide new powers to play with. Experiment with different combinations of weapons and artifacts to become unstoppable. With over 100 randomly generated artifacts, an assortment of galaxies to explore. With distinctive threats to conquer and dozens of weapons to destroy them with, every play session feels uniquely intense and different.

Download the ANVIL demo on Steam.