‘Aquaman 2’ Will Release December 16, 2022

Feb 27, 2019

Warner Bros. has given ‘Aquaman 2’ a release date of December 16, 2022. The sequel currently has no competition on this date.

The first film has grossed more than $1.14 billion at the worldwide, making it the highest grossing DC movie ever.

Returning to write the screenplay is David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick. He wrote the final draft of the first movie, and is a frequent James Wan collaborator, with ‘The Conjuring 2’ and the upcoming ‘The Conjuring 3.’

Jason Momoa will return to play the titular character. Also, a horror themed spin-off ‘The Trench’ is in the works, that will focus on the deadly amphibious creatures from the first film.

At this moment, Wan is making a deal to return as producer. However, he is waiting to see the quality of the script before signing on to direct. Considering the success of the first film, it’s likely Warner Bros. will do everything in their power to bring him back.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter