Are you in Control? (Book Review)

Sep 10, 2015

Written by: Kyle Turton

I’m a fan of all things supernatural, mysterious and downright weird. So things a little like myself (ok just the weird bit in my case). I also like to read, mainly because as great as it is to see a movie on the big screen in all its glory, there’s something about picking up a book and using your imagination to make the words that you’re reading come to life. There are no budgets or limitations in our minds. As long as we can immerse ourselves within the story, our imagination can become reality and part of what we see comes down to the writer and if they can give you the detail to create that scenario. So when given a book that covered all these things I like, it was a pleasure write about it.

Beneath the surface

The book in question is Control. It’s the first effort by Kyle Turton, an unknown author from the West Midlands in England (my neck of the woods) taking his first steps on his own journey into the world of writing – putting his love of the supernatural to use. The best part of this journey for me is the mysterious way that Kyle came up with the concept. He dreamt of a map which had markers pinned to it, like you would see law enforcement use to show where events happened, and also a calendar with the year on it. When he woke and drew the shape from the map it turned out to be the state of Maine, and so began Control. Freaky or what?


The focal point of the story is a man named Bill Foley, whom we quickly learn has an insatiable hunger, and not talking about the sort that can be solved with a steak at the local diner in Maine. Now generally you wouldn’t look twice at him. He looks like the average guy you would see around town. Except in the small town communities that this supernatural thriller is based, everyone knows each other. So when people go missing, bodies start piling up and general bad things are happening, the new guy just passing through town is going to raise an eyebrow or two. During our first encounter with Bill we learn that there’s a dark side to his persona, which becomes obvious when he stalks an unsuspecting family at such a diner. But his motives are less than obvious.

Now just from the cover it’s no secret what the book is about. When I met Kyle Turton I asked why he chose to let us know such a large spoiler straight away? His reply was simple and honest. He told me it’s the journey that we take with the characters in the book, and what matters is the reason why Bill Foley does the things we see him do. After reading Control I understand what he was trying to say. As you travel deeper into his world you start to see a pattern to why Bill does these heinous deeds, but you’ll have to read it to find out why for yourself.

It’s a solid first effort from Kyle Turton, who has yet to fully find his own style of writing but I think he’s certainly on the right path. The book has moments of graphic violence and goes into details that help you imagine the scene, which I will say are gory and not for the weaker stomachs. That being said it also has a good storyline that takes you on twists and turns to help keep you reading, making you feel like a member of these small towns. But a word of advice if I may – don’t get too attached to anyone you read about, especially those that Bill has his eye on, they may not be around for long.